'Supergirl'/'Arrow'/'Flash' Crossover Remains A Possibility

So long as Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl all exist within Greg Berlanti’s superhero universe, there’s always going to the question, desire, and demand for a crossover between all three shows. While The CW’s Arrow and The Flash crossover on a regular basis, including an annual crossover event, since Supergirl‘s debut there’s been a desire to see Kara Danvers interact with Oliver Queen and Barry Allen.
So it should be no surprise that the question was raised at the Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday during The CW’s panel.
“Unfortunately, you’re going to get the same answer that I always give, which is that, as a fan, I would love it,” executive producer Greg Berlanti said (via TVLine).
But while Berlanti and the two sister networks CBS and The CW have continually denied any plans for a crossover event between Arrow, Flash and Supergirl, it’s still a possibility. Only it’s a possibility that is time sensitive meaning it’d “have to be figured out in the next month or so.”
“I personally never rule anything out,” Berlanti said. “I would be excited by it. But a lot of things would have to go right, people would have to say yes, for that to happen.”
Besides the basic concerns needed in order to allow this crossover — “financial hurdles” and “getting everybody to sign off” — one of the main creative concerns would lie in these two separate universes, Supergirl on CBS and the Arrowverse on The CW.
“You haven’t been hearing about Superman [on Arrow/The Flash], and Superman exists in [Supergirl’s] world, so we’d have to figure out a way around that,” Berlanti explained. But he did add that the creative team does have “some thoughts” on solving that problem.
But so far as talking about how cool a crossover between those three shows would be, there has yet to be an official conversation about it. But there’s still hope to cling to until/if we get a definitive “no.”
Supergirl airs Mondays on CBS and The Flash and Arrow air Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively on The CW.

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