‘Arrow’: Who’s In The Grave? – Round 2

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  1. Kole says:

    This article is straight trash. Felicity is not needed on Arrow and I hope she is the one killed off so Arrow can return to the great story started in season 1. Because yes this show is called ‘Arrow’ and NOT ‘Felicity’. Also a tip you DONT kill Black Canary in a DC world. Not happening, keep dreaming fangirls. Haha!

    1. Jolene says:

      Felicity is not needed? What show have you been watching? Sorry to inform you that she’s not the one who dies.
      Also, what will happen if they kill the Black Canary? Is it illegal or something?

    2. Rita says:

      a tip to who? who are you even addressing? the authors, the arrow writers, the “fangirls”? instead of talking trash about a random article you found, go waste your energy on propping things you love to people who are willing listen because here’s a real tip…. you may hate felicity with a passion but comments like these only make us love her more. Meanwhile, arrow’s laurel lance aka arrow’s Black Canary aka the only character who hasn’t had a storyline this season that didn’t help prop other characters has been resting in the pits on unpopularity since s1, the one you claim had good writing. So thank you, keep doing what you’re doing. (here’s another tip: try social media. you may find good info like EBR filming for arrow with a storyline that pretty much secures her safety this season so ‘keep dreaming’)

  2. Lou says:

    It should be Black dead bird canary! Your points are right on!

  3. disqus_2nUPEPTNwi says:

    Laurel dying wouldn’t be any surprise she is the worst character on Arrow

  4. kiki says:

    I’m also seeing the signs that Laurel is the one in the grave – and I won’t be upset if it happens. I’ve never been able to connect with her character and her rise to BC was so forced and rushed that I just can’t buy her as a hero. She adds nothing to the show. The kindest thing the writers can do at this point (because they clearly don’t care about developing her as a character) is to kill her off as part of a heroic sacrifice.

  5. Danny says:

    Killing Black Canary would just be pandering (which I don’t put past these guggenheim types), but it won’t happen. Killing Felicity or Diggle would be the best option. Diggle’s whole brother story is coming to a close since they finally brought that story back just to tie loose ends. They made up as well and he is not as integral to the team anymore. Felicity dying would be amazing. Felicity is a garbage character written worse and worse as time goes on. They messed up by taking a light throw away character and putting her in the foreground because the flaws in the writing for that character are now right in everyone’s faces. She’s outlived her usefulness. By now, the team should be able to track people down and go on missions without a fly buzzing in their ears at all time. Felicity or Diggle dying would greatly improve the show.

    1. Sarah says:

      Putting aside all the BS surrounding your perception of diggle or felicity’s importance as characters while implying all mighty laurel has been written amazingly this season *coughs* resurrecting your dead sister knowing how the pit affects people and then not telling oliver about it while sara is out in the streets killing random people because she doesn’t want his judgement what a hero what a strong character a++++ *coughs*… the fact that you think getting rid of diggle and felicity would “improve” the show at this point of the story makes me wonder how much you actually care about the main character but i’m leaning towards the “not giving half a sh*t about oliver” option.

      Great input though, it only proves how much laurel stans like yourself can’t see beyond the one character while claiming everyone else cares more about kissy kissy olicity than compelling story telling and well rounded characters. As a black canary fan, I hope you raise your standards to what this show and portrayal/writing has given you. As an arrow fan, I hope you think about why diggle and felicity are so popular. Makes me wonder they must be doing something right for throw away characters.. But let’s talk again in four months, see where we’re at.

    2. Jolene says:

      Well you’re allowed to your opinion. But please, tell me. How would Felicity and Diggle dying “greatly improve” the show? I am genuinely asking.
      P.S. They won’t be dying because 1) they’re OTA/Heart and brains of the show 2) Extremely popular 3) Way too important to Oliver’s journey and to the team

  6. Luke Cruzeiro says:

    I do hope that laurel is the one to go. There are so much more interesting guest roles like Zatanna, Vixen, wonder girl, etc… Laurel has added no value to the show her presence is just weak at best. She has had no character development and its sad to see other characters forced into acting like bffs with her when she is a disillusioned mask wearing troll. Hence the only thing she adds to folklore is her name Dinah Laurel lance what a shame.

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