'Agent Carter' to tie into 'Doctor Strange' in Season 2

We have one week left until we take the trip with Peggy Carter to Los Angeles in Agent Carter. And according to the showrunners, Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, this season will provide some new information about the entire Marvel universe – including the upcoming film, Doctor Strange.
The showrunners revealed to Comic Book Resources, that the second season will incorporate the extra-dimensional energy, Darkforce, which will in term tie the series into both its’ sister show, Agents of SHIELD and the Benedict Cumberbatch-led film, Doctor Strange.
Darkforce, as described by Marvel Wikia, is “the name given to a negative energy drawn from a dimension near our own nicknamed the “Darkforce dimension”. Darkforce can have a variety of reactions in those affected by it, so which often makes it difficult to trace back to it’s original source. Darkforce was behind the creations of many heroes and villains in Marvel’s history, and has through its’ different applications, the Agent Carter writers were able to bend and mould it to suit their storyline and their world.
In season 2, Peggy goes to Los Angeles to investigate a company called Isodyne Energy, which are based on the nuclear energy companies that were common in the California area in the 1940s. This will cause Peggy to stumble upon Darkforce, which they will refer to as ‘Zero Matter”.
We saw Darkforce in Season 1 of Agents of SHIELD, where a villain named Blackout used it in the episode ‘The Only Light in the Darkness.’ In the same way, the upcoming Marvel film, Doctor Strange, will also feature Darkforce as a prominent factor.
Agent Carter returns for Season 2 with a two-hour premiere on January 19 on ABC.

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