Lucy Hale Doesn’t Want ‘Pretty Little Liars’ To End Happily

We’ve always thought that when Pretty Little Liars ends – it will be a happy thing. Not that we’ll be happy – but the girls will be happy. All the craziness of their lives will be gone and they’ll be left to live amazing lives.

Because let’s face it – nothing has ever really gone well for them.

But Lucy Hale – on the press tour for Pretty Little Liars – said that she doesn’t want Pretty Little Liars to end happy. At least not anymore.

“As of now, it’ll be an end at season seven, but we will go out with a bang, I promise,” she started the conversation saying.

(We cry because you know we aren’t ready for it to end)

Lucy continued by saying, “I used to say, oh I want the girls to end up happy and live an A-free life, but I kind of want it to end really tragically. I want people to be really upset, like they’ve lost something when the show ends, because I know that my favorite shows have ended that way, so a tragic ending. I’ll just leave it at that.”

We’re not sure that we want that, but we’ll respect Lucy’s choice. After all she knows more about the show than we do.

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