‘The Royals’ Season Finale – We Won’t Accept The End of Jaspenor!

Sunday is fast approaching and we aren’t ready. We aren’t ready because it’s the season finale of The Royals and the previews are intense. The previews leave us thinking that no one is getting out alive.

But what we are hoping is that we are going to be set up for King Liam. Maybe Helena will come clean and tell her kids that Simon was actually their father. Maybe we will find out that she finally had a heart and knows that her kids deserve more.

We won’t accept that Jasper may go away – that’s not acceptable. We won’t accept that #Jaspenor may not happen. Yes – we are fully aware he’s a douche.

Here’s the preview –

Are you excited for the season finale of ‘The Royals’? We need more than 10 episodes a season E! – a lot more.

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