Get Your Ballet On! Win A Copy of ‘Flesh and Bone’!

One show that we adored this season was Flesh and Bone on Starz. The series took us behind the scenes of The American Ballet Company (it’s not a real company – but we’re thinking if this is anything close to what ballet is really like – we’re scared for the dancers). The show was intriguing, disturbing – but had us pulled in from the very beginning.

We’ll totally admit that we decided to watch it cause the hottie from Center Stage is in the show and we’re obsessed with that movie.

Here’s the official description from the press release –

Claire, played by former American Ballet Theatre principal Sarah Hay (Black Swan), joins a prestigious ballet company in New York. She’s beautiful, soulful, talented and an emotionally wounded young woman who somehow still possesses an innate innocence and fragility while at the same time harboring self-destructive tendencies and a vaulting ambition. Claire is a transcendent ballerina, capable of reaching the sublime but her inner torment and aspirations drive her in unforeseeable ways. Along the way, she encounters drugs, sex, starvation, desire, betrayal, pain, punishment, fear, rebellion, insecurity and ambition.

The show has been released on Blu-ray and DVD – so if you missed it – don’t worry it’s available now. But we’re giving you the chance to win either a copy of the DVD or Blu-Ray – as we’re giving away one copy of each.

To tease it for you – here’s a clip from the extras.

Looks great right? The show features 22 dancers – real life ballet dancers. Not only are they talented dancers, but we’ve learned they are talented actors too.

So what do you have to do to win? There are 2 simple options.

1 – Leave a comment on this post with your favorite dance movie.
2 – Tweet us “I want to win #FleshAndBone from @Fangirlishness”

We will choose a winner on January 25th. Now here goes the legal stuff.

US Resident only, no P.O. Boxes. (sorry everyone outside of U.S.).


  1. My favorite dance film would have to be Center Stage. The Company is a close second though. Oldie but goodies!

  2. Save the Last Dance with

    Julia Stiles

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