“The Royals” 2×09 Recap

“And Then It Started Like a Guilty Thing” is the big reveal. It is the episode where we finally find out who killed King Simon. Oh, Jasper is also back in this episode. I really like the further development we are seeing in the characters this season. All of these characters, major or minor, have their own arcs and stories. I really love that. I think it is important as a viewer to know enough about each character of this world. So here are some important things that happened this week with our favorite (and maybe not our favorite) characters this week on “The Royals”:


With Jasper digging into old security tapes and going completely detective to figure out who killed King Simon, Ted is beginning to get nervous. One would wonder: if he didn’t kill the king, why is he so nervous? He demands Jasper to stop whatever he’s doing and to give it up, but knowing Jasper, that’s the last thing he’s going to do. Oh, he is still seeing his dead wife occasionally. Later in the episode, Ted shares a video with Jeffery Stuart that he was able to capture by hiding the cameras in the plants around the palace of the Duchess admitting to killing Jeffery’s sister, Dominique Stuart. Jeffery’s daughter wasn’t too happy to see Ted working with her father. She sees things differently and doesn’t want to involve people in the revenge plot that shouldn’t be “ruined”.


Mr. Hill has been a great influence on Lenny: her room is being cleaned and the drug/alcohol use has seem to cease. After cleaning for a bit, Eleanor meets up with Imogen. Things aren’t going well at all for Imogen. Imogen’s terrible boyfriend Viktor is being abusive in more ways than one. He’s making her have sex with other people and hitting her. Eleanor wants to help her friend in a better way than just giving her drugs. Throughout the episode, Lenny saves Imogen from Viktor. Lenny tells her, “You’re nobody’s property. Ever.” The two of them end up stuck in the bathroom of one of the guys Viktor forced Imogen to sleep with and Viktor was doing all he could to make his way in. Mr. Hill and Jasper came in and took Viktor away as Imogen told him that she’s going to do what’s right for her because she deserves better. Eleanor takes her back to the Palace and the two talk and make a plan for Imogen to get away and start new. Throughout all the advice and kind words Lenny was giving her friend, she began to realize the steps she had to make for herself. She tells Liam about everything that happened with Jasper.


The Deputy Prime Minister has an offer for the Prince of becoming a “cultural ambassador to young people” that would have him in New York. As soon as those words came out of her mouth, all I was thinking was: OPHELIA OPHELIA OPHELIA! I think Liam was too, because he needed some guidance from a few people about whether he should take the position. When he meets with Lenny, she thinks he should do it to be “free”. He meets up with Willow (Are they a thing yet? Let’s make that happen soon.) to hear her outlook on it. She thinks he is entirely capable of making a difference. She references #KingLiam spray painted on a wall. Liam ends up turning down the job but punches Jasper in the face after learning the truth. The one person he thought he could trust has betrayed him and his sister, but just as he is about to punch Jasper again, Jasper has some news to share.


Helena meets with Lucius to tell him that Alistair is alive and questions why he wants to be imprisoned for something he didn’t do – knowing that Duchie is the culprit. Lucius feels that he is helping the monarchy and saving them from another scandal. Lucius shares that Cyrus was the one who commanded Lucius kill Alistair. So Helena decides to pay someone a visit. Prudence. Prudence has a shining engagement ring on her finger, but I don’t think that is going to fix all the problems that are waiting for her. Helena tells Prudence that “Royalty is irreversible.” In some ways, I think that Helena is visiting Prudence to save her throne, but I also think she is doing it so save Prudence and her unborn child. Helena warns Prudence of the world she is bringing her son into. Before Helena leaves, Prudence reveals that she is naming her son Simon. Helena reminds Prudence that King Simon wanted to abolish the monarchy and there were reasons why.


Two thins surprised me about Cyrus in this episode: he wasn’t sleeping with the help and he was drinking his pomegranate juice. Remember when Violet would always pester him about drinking pomegranate juice?! Cyrus also did his very best to assemble a crib for his son, but thought that the help could do it better. Not much happened with Cyrus this week, but I do believe we are beginning to see a change in him.


Jasper is back this week! Jasper is on a mission of regaining Lenny’s trust and finding out who killed King Simon. Before helping Mr. Hill with locking Viktor up, I should tell you how those two got together. Jasper was out for a walk to try to find some information and was being followed by Brandon Boone. Brandon is the man who was hired to kill Prince Robert and is doing his best to watch out for himself. He is basically trying to find the killer so the killer doesn’t kill him. Brandon thought that Jasper was following him when really Mr. Hill was following him, because Mr. Hill saw Brandon following Jasper. The three of them go to a nice PUBLIC diner and catch up. The whole scene is really comedic and definitely a favorite of the season. The way the dialogue bounces around from person to person is hilarious. When Mr. Hill was called by Lenny to come help, he punches Brandon in the face in honor of Prince Robert and makes his exit with Jasper following. Later on, Mr. Hill gives the earrings that Mandy stole back to Jasper so he could return them personally. He does and tells Lenny that he came back because he wanted to see her. Eleanor starts to realize that the relationship with Jasper isn’t the best and how she should probably stay out of it. She take the earrings and puts them in Imogen’s bag to help her out with her fresh start. The big news is that Jasper figures out who the murderer of King Simon is! He gets some video footage from that night from these skater kids and all is revealed.

The killer is…TED PRYCE!


Did you see that one coming?! Let me know in the comments.

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