Chloe Grace Moretz Is Excited To Surprise People With ‘The 5th Wave’

We are stoked to see The 5th Wave hit theaters this week. If you are anything like us – you are excited to see the adaptation of Rick Yancey’s novel come to life.

The movie stars Chloe Grace Moretz, which means that the actress is everywhere doing press in support of the movie. We adored her on The Wendy Williams show talking everything from squad goals to dating and growing up in Hollywood.

The actress also covers Glamour Mexico and talks about her excitement for people to see the movie and underestimating her. She can’t wait to surprise them in The 5th Wave.

“I feel that people see me [as just one particular kind of actress] and don’t expect much from me,” Chloe shared, “However, it’s fun to see them all in total shock when they see what I can do. I’m determined to surprise them.”

She looks stunning in all the pictures.




The 5th Wave opens January 22nd.

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