Liam Payne Is Like The Gift That Keeps On Giving

We can’t even imagine being a celebrity and having to do deal with paps everywhere. I mean it’s hard enough to deal with emails from parents – who wants to have to deal with anyone else butting into your life.

But when you are a member of One Direction – you don’t have a choice – because they will stalk you down no matter what.

Liam Payne was at LAX and got cornered by a bunch of paps and they were able to fire off a quick round of questions.

Did everyone get what he said – One Direction is not breaking up.

He makes us smile. We absolutely adore him. He’s had a great week – well given us one with this and the little snippet on Instagram.

Little Song I wrote for fun yesterday

A video posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on

Damn this boy makes us smile.

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