Wattpad Writer Spotlight: @thegirlalmightyxxx

This weeks writer of the week is @thegirlalmightyxxx. We’re obsessed with her writing and think that she’s got a great instinct. Her book, Empire, keeps us entertained and wanting more.

When did you start writing on Wattpad? I started around 3 years ago, however EMPIRE was started around over a year ago or so.

What inspired you to write on Wattpad? I was originally a writer on Miss Literati, but I saw a lot more talent on Wattpad and knew that that is where I needed to be writing. I feel my writing has improved greatly and I wanted to share that with people.

What has writing on Wattpad taught you? How to deal with people who may not agree with you as well as how to be a better writer.

Why did you choose to write Fan Fiction? I love seeing the development of characters and I think it’s really fun to see how famous people can be changed and manipulated within a Fan Fiction. It’s important to me that you keep your Fan Fictions far from reality, because I think that’s more interesting to see that change.

What is your favorite part of writing Fan Fiction? The adaptability of it, as mentioned above. I love to see the changes and the interest. For example, in my story Harry is kind of a butthead sometimes, but real Harry is a beautiful specimen with no imperfections. So it’s interesting to see different part and aspects.

What fandom do you think would be the hardest fandom to write in? I think the hardest ones are the ones less popular. For example, I’ve attempted to write fanfiction for Parks and Rec (it was joking and quite lame) but there’s a lack of it and non interesting parts of it. So I like writing for One Direction as there’s more of a demand and it’s really fun to write.

What’s been the best compliment you received from a fan? I can’t say a specific as the fans have been so incredibly kind and sweet, but I think any time a fan says they love me, or say my book is there favorite. It literally melts my heart. Holy crap.

Who are your favorite published authors? J.K. Rowling is low key the love of my life. Oops. I also absolutely love John Grisham, Harper Lee, and I’m a sucker for Sarah Dessen.

What advice do you have for Wattpad writers? Keep writing. Even if you don’t get a ton of views or comments, keep going. Writing is a beautiful and important thing and I think it’s important for people to be honest in their writings and keep doing it.

Who is your favorite Wattpad writer? OH WOW. There’s sooo many talented people within Wattpad, but specifically I’m a huge fan zeffervescent, who writes some of my favorite books on wattpad. I’m also a big fan of inthepants.

Tell us about your favorite story that you have written and why people should be reading it. WOWZERS THIS IS REALLY HARD. Okay, so I love EMPIRE like, with all my heart. And it’s definitely in my top 2 writings, but my other is the first series I wrote that is actually awful writing, but it’s the first series I wrote. It’s on Miss Literati and it’s kinda basic and carrot-ish, but I’m so proud of finishing it and it’s definitely a fave (:

Here’s an excerpt from her book, Empire. 

“This is my assistant’s office, but you will be using it for the time being,” Louis told me, “please, make yourself at home! I will be coming to collect you for a meeting in a half hour, I want you to sit in. It’s with one of our biggest investors and clients.”

“Yes, sir,” I grinned, walking him to the door. After shutting it behind him, I couldn’t help but squeal.

My dreams were finally coming true.

I set my bag on the desk and took a seat in the chair. My hand clattered against the computer keys, using the log ins Louis had given me.

After getting my email and everything set up, I grabbed my cell phone and called my boyfriend, Lucas.

“Hello?” his comforting voice answered. I have been dating Luke for two years, after meeting him at an art gallery. It was sort of love at first sight.

“Luke!” I squealed, trying to contain my excitement.

“Babe, hey,” he said, “how’s the job going?”

“I have a fuckin’ office,” I muttered, trying to keep my voice down, “and my boss is awesome!”

“That’s great babe, what do you have to do for work?”

And we chatted for a good 15 minutes, me freaking out the entire time and typing on my computer. By the time we hung up, I was expecting Louis anytime.

I gathered my notebook and pen, hoping to take notes. I wanted to seem like I actually knew what was going on, even though I didn’t have a clue.

“Samantha?” his soft, British voice called, opening the door.

“Mr. To- Louis, sir,” I spoke up, standing up. I followed him out of the office, my heels clacking along. We passed the design rooms. They were filled with fashion forward people designing and editing designs. I was blown away with how in sync everyone looked. I hoped to be doing that one day.

“We have some of the best designers and models in the world, working here, it’s a dream really,” Louis said, gesturing to one of the rooms. I had to do a double take when I saw Francisco Lachowski. He was being fitted in a suit, probably for a photo shoot or something.

By the time we reached the board room, I was ready to faint. This was all too much to take in.

I opened the door for Louis, holding it open. as he shuffled in.

“Our guest will be here soon, can you grab the bottle of scotch from across the hall? It’s in the other board room,” Louis stated, taking a seat.

I nodded my head and set my notebook on a chair in the corner of the room. I assumed that would be where I was to sit.

I went across the hall and grabbed the bottle, along with two glasses. When I re-entered the room, I realized Louis was no longer alone.

A man sat with his back to me. All I could see of him was a mass of curly, brown hair.

“Ah, Samantha, meet Mr. Harry Styles.”

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