The Men of ‘Supernatural’ Compete In A Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder. We freely admit that there is no way that we are getting out there. The thing is – we respect those that can do it. But what we’re good at is staying clean.

However when we need to watch the men of Supernatural out there – we have to admit that we take a second to reconsider our aversion to getting muddy.

Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict, Jensen Ackles, Jason Manns, Jared Padalecki and Osric Chau were all on the King of Cons team and this video is just genius.

The Tough Mudder was in 2015, but the video was just posted with the description, “The year is 2015. A group of friends decides to tackle the Tough Mudder, proudly representing “Kings of Con” as they traverse miles of mud and obstacles for fun. And finally, for your entertainment.”

It’s 27 minutes of fun.

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