5 Things You Need To Know From Last Weeks ‘Shadowhunters’ – “The Mortal Cup”

It’s that time again – another episode of Shadowhunters is set to air on Freeform. The episode was released last week online – but incase you haven’t seen it – we’re getting you prepared for tonights episode by reminding you of the 5 things that you need to know from last weeks episode. If you want the full refresher – see our recap. But here’s 5 quick things that will bring you up to date.

Jocelyn is Clary’s Mom and has been kidnapped and brought to Chernobyl (yes, that Chernobyl).

Ok – so long ago there was The Circle – which was led by Valentine. Jocelyn and Valentine were a thing. Basic jist – The Circle comes after her cause she’s got The Mortal Cup and she drinks a potion which knocks her ass out so that they can’t get information from her. She wants to hide Clary from them – cause Valentines her Daddy and he’s bat shit cray. So anyhow – Valentines minions have taken Jocelyn to his lair. She’s floating (which we still don’t understand – cause that’s just odd to us and we kinda think she needs some back support if she’s gonna be knocked out for a bit). At first Valentine doesn’t know about Clary, but once he does – he of course wants to talk to her. They don’t say way – but you know – we’re figuring that it’s like Daddy instinct and all.

Clary is a Shadowhunter.

Let’s all face it – parents lie. It is what it is. They will tell you that it’s for your own protection – but I call they want to be assholes at times. Except not in this case – cause Clary almost had a her head eaten off by an overgrown snake looking thing, so like any parent would – you want to erase the trauma. Only her Mom doesn’t go and buy her a doll – she takes her to a warlock to erase her memories. So now Clary is 18 and all the magic is fading. It’s when she see’s Jace that he realizes she’s got the sight (cause he’s got a glamour on and is invisible) and she kinda realizes shit is going down when she goes through a portal and Dot’s possessed and tries to like, you know – kill her. But yes, Clary is a Shadowhunter.

Simon is the best thing ever.

I don’t even have to explain this because if you watch any episode of the show – you will see that Simon steals every scene and makes you want to crawl in and take him as your boyfriend for the rest of days.

Izzy and Alec are brother and sister.

Ok – so Izzy and Alec are brother and sister. This is important cause maybe it will help you to understand their relationship. Alec is moody and really fucking cranky (in my opinion) and Izzy is well… she’s overly perky. Like calm it down Izzy… calm it down. (once again – my opinion). Alec doesn’t like Clary – but Izzy thinks that it’s cause Alec’s got some pent up emotion for Jace. We agree with this – but hey, who doesn’t have feelings for that slice of sassy heaven.

Jace needs to keep Clary safe.

I mean we all feel instant attraction to some people in life. When I met Dom Sherwood in person for the first time – I understood instant attraction (cause seriously – lets talk about his bulging muscles). When Jace meets Clary – he’s intrigued. He knows that he wants to be near her – to keep her safe. The Circle is after Clary cause she’s Jocelyn’s kid. Everyone else is after her cause they think she knows where the Mortal Cup is. So we find out at the end of the episode – when he’s killed another person coming after Clary – he needs to keep her safe. Literally, he says it.

See the preview for ‘The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy’ below.


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