Short & Sweet Character Guide for ‘The 100’

The 100 season premiere is right around the corner (tomorrow actually.) But wait…you don’t remember where you left off! (What a shame!) And you don’t have enough time or will to get through all the angst and pain of Season 2? Well, this is where I come in!

Below I’ve put together a short and sweet character guide to help you remember where we left our favorite Sky People and Grounders.

Let’s begin!

Where We Last Left Off: Sky People united with Grounders to take on Mt. Weather. All were put in an impossible situation where they had to choose between loyalties, family, and survival. The Grounders had the most survivors and Mt. Weather the highest casualty count. Also a new threat is discovered on the outskirts of a promised land that could uncover the beginning of the apocalypse! *rubs hands together* Sounds like they left off at a great place, right?


  1. Clarke: After sacrificing the people of the mountain for the survival of her own she walked off into the sunset with the clothes on her back. The guilt that plagued her was too much. And despite the fact that her mom, Bellamy, Octavia, Raven and the rest of her people still needed her she was lost inside and needed space to ground herself.
  2. Bellamy: He locked himself in Mt. Weather’s control room with Monty and Clarke on their mission to save their people. His bravery and loyalty to Clarke was reasserted when he pushed the lever with her, killing the mountain’s citizens. Last we saw of him he was staring off after Clarke, eyes definitely pleading for her not to go.
  3. Octavia: She continued to be a bad-ass despite being kicked out of the Grounder family that she had recently bonded with. The girl who grew up under the floorboards, hidden away from the world, has finally found who she really is. And she doesn’t need the Sky People or the Grounders to help her define herself because she knows her value.
  4. Lincoln: He continued to choose Octavia over his own people. The bond he has with this woman helped him survive the Reaper drug rage (I know it in my bones!) He got the ultimate revenge when he cut off Cage’s hand and injected him with the Reaper drug.
  5. Abby: Narrowly avoided being killed for her bone marrow by Cage and his crazies. After being reunited with Clarke she admitted that maybe there aren’t any good guys. Returned to Camp Jaha holding Kane’s hand, with the knowledge that she was a changed woman.
  6. Kane: Was with the group of Sky People that were captured and taken to Mt. Weather. He kept his cool and tried to reason with his captures by offering to donate their bone marrow voluntarily. As soon as he was released he made a bee-line for Abby to free her.
  7. Jaha: He continued on his journey to the Promised Land where things would be better. Discovered a mansion with an artificial intelligence named A.L.I.E. inside. She’s been awaiting his arrival since he landed on Earth and accidentally gave her a nuke.
  8. Raven: Continued to struggle with being restricted by her disability. Has her bone marrow taken against her will (why does she continue to be tortured?) Last seen returning to Camp Jaha with Jasper’s goggles, because priorities.
  9. Lexa: Despite initially working together to free all of their people, she decided to double cross Clarke. She’s a leader that will always choose the Grounders, despite her own feelings for blonde warriors.

Check out the Season 3 trailer if you haven’t already!

The 100 returns Thursday, January 21st @ 9 p.m. on The CW.

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