Everything You Need To Know About The Season Finale of “The Royals”

As sad as I am that this season has ended and I have to wait until the fall to write more recaps, I am too excited to dive into everything that broke lose in “The Serpent That Did Sting Thy Father’s Life”. This season caused me to fall in love with some characters (Jasper) and start to question some others (Duchie). There were so many twist and turns throughout the season and the finale doesn’t let up.

Fun fact: The finale was the episode that featured the most times we have heard/seen the royal family’s last name. It’s Henstridge, if you didn’t know.

We’ll start with the King. Cyrus is still balding. The wedding bells were ringing as Cyrus and Prudence said “I do”, even if the bride didn’t kiss the groom. Prudence makes him sign a prenuptial agreement and complains about how she still wishes she could marry Brad Pitt. Beyond all of that, the wedding still takes place. Later in the episode, the baby is born, but Prudence and the baby are missing soon after.

Helena is oddly kind to Cyrus in the beginning of this episode. She gifts one of Robert’s favorite toys to him for his unborn son. She also steps up to the be one to kill Ted to protect her children. I was a big fan of Helena in this episode. She has really grown on me this season. At the end of the episode, Helena comes face to face with a distressed Cyrus in the tunnels over his child and wife missing. Helena has helped Prudence leave. The marriage was a fake. The man who married Cyrus and Prudence was Helena’s gynecologist. She did it for Alistair. Before walking way, she states, “You take away my future. I take away yours. Enjoy cancer.”

Our Prince is ready to finally avenge is father. After Jasper shows Liam the footage of his father’s brutal murder, Liam is an emotional wreck, understandingly. Jasper did warn him by saying, “It’s not easy to watch.” As a viewer, I’ve seen it a couple of times now, and I still cringe and turn away every time. Liam is the one to deliver the news to his sister that Ted is the murderer. Let me just reiterate how much I love this cast and constantly blown away by their phenomenal talents. Anyway, Liam later learns that Ted was the one who had Robert killed. He learned that from Dominique who doesn’t agree with the way her father is going about things and “wants out” of the family business. I don’t blame her. Liam remembers all the things Ted has told him, the lies, and it causes Liam to act against the plan that is set.

That plan I just mentioned, yeah, Jasper was the one who came up with it. Seems appropriate, right? There’s a football match taking place to honor King Simon. That’s where everything is taking place. Before everything breaks lose, Jasper and Eleanor have a moment. Eleanor shares with him that she wants him to leave after everything is done and over. She needs to move on and it’s too hard with him there, and he respects that and agrees. When Jasper goes to get Liam to head to the soccer match, he’s gone…

Ted, Ted, Ted. Ted tries to make a run for it to New York to visit Ophelia at the beginning of the episode, but is told that isn’t how things are going to go. He learns from Jeffery Stuart that the football match is where they will be playing the videos that Ted was able to capture of the royal family. Ted becomes hesitant of the plan when Jeffery tells him to act if anyone of the royal family is suspicious. He can’t leave the plan, because Jeffery is making threats to Ophelia. So, we are in the car with Ted at the match and Helena isn’t in the car with him. Liam is and he is prepared to act with a gun in his hand. Ted does his best to guilt Liam with the pain he will feel over killing someone. Luckily, Lenny is able to get to Liam through a phone call and convinces him to not doing anything haste. Ted definitely gets what he deserves, in my opinion, later in the episode.

Eleanor is happy at the beginning of the episode. Imogen is off and safe, and things are going well. Of course that can’t last. She learns who killed her father, tells her jealous ex-bodyguard that he has to leave the Palace, and is a part of the plan to get revenge on the murderer of her brother and father. Eleanor has what I would consider the hardest job: helping Jasper make sure that the footage of Ted killing King Simon overrides the footage from the Palace that Ted caught. She has to press the button to send that out to the people. Jasper can tell how hard that is for her, so HE PRESSES THE BUTTON FOR HER! I’m sorry, I’m fine. I promise…  They hold each others hand as the scene crumbles around them, and Ted is attacked by the people. Eleanor and Jasper do their best to leave the stadium and are met with crowds of people. Jasper guides her through the mass of people, arm around her waist. She looks up at him and smiles a smile that gave me hope that Jasper and Eleanor will continue to grow and develop into a healthy relationship.

Helena decides that enough is enough and a paternity test is needed to prove that Liam is meant to rule. Now that Cyrus’ daughters aren’t fit to rule and Prudence has taken her son out of the picture, #KingLiam might become an actual thing. Helena demands that Simon’s bones be brought to her. Simon’s tomb is smashed open with something mysterious as a result. Helena and Rachel look in and have a look of complete surprise on their face. I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out what’s really in or not in there.

At the very beginning of the episode, we get a glimpse of young Prince Robert playing with a paper plane and learning that his little brother and sister were born. This scene was definitely one of my favorites from the episode. It integrated when Brandon Boone let older Robert fall to his death with young Robert crashing his paper plane into the  carpet of the Palace. That scene was beautifully done, in my opinion. There are also ominous shots of the ocean throughout the episode that left me entirely confused until the last second. We pan up the beach to see a helmet with R. HENSTRIDGE on it and a body next to it. As we zooom in on a hand that makes a fist, everything clicks. I FREAKED OUT! ROBERT IS ALIVE! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Leave what you thought of the finale in the comments below! What are you most excited about for season 3 coming this fall?

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