‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 1×01 Roundtable: Discussing ‘Pilot, Part 1’

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about the hour’s hot topics in a little something we like to call Fangirlish Roundtables.

Today, we’re breaking down the series premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, “Pilot, Part 1,” where we discuss the characters we loved and didn’t love, the time travel element, and the inspiring message that you have the ability to change your fate.

What were your overall thoughts on the pilot?


While it wasn’t perfect I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot because it provided something entirely new to the Arrowverse. My concern with new superhero shows is that they’re going to be carbon copies of preexisting shows. It’s a valid concern in a market crowded with superheroes. But Greg Berlanti and co. have done an incredible job of differentiating each of their shows and yet linking them in the same universe.

To be honest, I expected Legends of Tomorrow to be darker than it actually is. Perhaps that’s because that’s how the show was marketed at first. But we’ve seen the humor and the fun nature of the show and that makes me excited to see this show really find its footing in that. I loved that these are all characters that we already know to some extent – minus Rip Hunter – and it’s an incredibly fun superhero team-up that I see really establishing itself moving forward.


I really, really liked it. It wasn’t perfect, the dialogue was clunky at times, and there was a bit too much exposition, especially considering we’d already been introduced to almost all of these characters, but the show had genuinely funny moments, a few big shocks and even a surprisingly touching moment. Balance is hard, and at some point they’re going to have to sacrifice screen-time for some characters in order to develop others, but that’s pretty much what always happens when you have a large cast. The more they delve into the individual characters the easier it will be for me to care, and that’s what I really need right now – I need more reasons to care about these people.

But the Pilot was fun, engaging, and enough for me to tune in next week, and probably the week after that, and the one after that.


A little messy but with grand potential of exploring B characters of the DC verse. At times I didn’t care for some of the characters aka Hawkgirl/Hawkguy (their connection is utterly boring and I think they need to develop independently before I can take them seriously with all their past lives talks.) And I found myself caring a surprising amount for characters I hated before aka Ray Palmer (I just wanted to hug him and tell him that everyone deserves to be loved and missed.) Sara and Leonard Snart shined bright with their snarky relationship. I would love to see them run off into the sunset in a totally platonic relationship where they kick ass and take names!

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Pilot, Part 1" -- Image LGN101d_0496b -- Pictured (L-R): Franz Drameh as Jefferson "Jax" Jackson, Victor Garber as Professor Martin Stein and Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom -- Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Now that we’ve gotten to experience the whole time travel thing in this show, what are your thoughts on it?


I have to admit it’s super fun. The whole element of time travel opens so many possibilities, as we’ve seen just briefly on The Flash, and it literally expands the scope of this show exponentially. Legends manages to treat time travel with a level of respect without taking it too seriously, which is nice. Time travel is fun and you get a very real sense of that in this show.

But the time travel thing can get crazy at times, as we saw in the first part of the pilot when Kendra and Carter met their “son” from a past life in 1975. What. Even. That was my first indication that this show is going to get absolutely CRAZY the further we dive in. Literally anything is possible. There are possibilities of these characters running into their past selves, their parents, their kids (if any), or their friends and family long into the future. The possibilities are endless with this show and its time travel element.


Can someone explain to me how this works? If we’d cut out ALL the character exposition and had Rip go into a LONG explanation about how time travel works, I would have been happier. Because the show seemed to contradict itself left and right. You can’t affect the timeline! Except when your grown-up-son-you-didn’t-know-you-had is about to die! You have to be very careful, try to blend in. Except when it comes to shooting down Bounty Hunters! And going out for drinks and beating up random dudes! It just doesn’t make that much sense, at least not yet. We need clear rules. And, so far, there’s no clarity for me. None whatsoever.

Rip should just get like, a corkboard, write up his TIME TRAVEL RULES, and put them up in a common area. (Now that we’re in this subject, where are all these people going to sleep? Is there enough space for all of them? And where do they keep the clothes?). This way, even when they inevitably don’t listen, he gets to say I told you so.


It was cheesy, no denying that bit, but not over the top. Slowly producers are opening up doorways to more extraordinary aspects of the DC Universe. It’s like their easing me into it until I’m comfortable. Time travel is definitely the next step. P.S. The spaceship was super cheese.

This show introduced a cast of characters that we’ve already gotten to know on Arrow and The Flash. Was there a character(s) that you particularly loved on Legends?


I continue to love Sara Lance regardless of what show she appears on. She’s a character that has proven that redemption is possible but also that it’s something that you have to work for. Sara is in a unique position now as she’s been resurrected from the dead over on Arrow and now she’s dealing with the effects of the Lazarus Pit as she’s become an even greater threat as an assassin now than she was when she was on the League of Assassins.

It’s no secret that I hated Ray Palmer when he was on Arrow, but that had to do with the way he was written. Already on Legends I am enjoying his character and this new concern for his future and leaving a mark on the world, as we first saw hints of on Arrow earlier this season. Now that Ray has found his purpose it’s going to be great to see him fight for that and to be a hero in this new world.

While Leonard Snart and Mick Rory got their debut on The Flash, I am beyond excited for the prospects of this odd couple as they’re villains working to save the world. The ultimate oxymoron. Their dynamic together is electric, and I love how they’ve kind of developed a nice relationship with Sara. The three wild cards who are going to have a damn good time on this journey.


I might be on the way to developing a crush on Ray Palmer. How is it that a character who absolutely didn’t work on Arrow can manage to thrive in Legends? The jokes that fell flat there are five times more amusing here, and his whole man-child thing is so perfectly endearing that I actually felt bad for him when he was going on about how his life had turned out. Surprisingly enough, in such a crowded show, Ray manages to stand out, not because he’s the leader, and not because he’s the funny one, but because he’s looking at everything with the same kind of childish wonder that we’re feeling. This is all really cool, and he not only gets it, he shares the feeling.

And, well, I loved Sara. But I expected to love Sara. No surprise there.


Leonard Snart all the way! Oh my god the way he looked at Sara when she was in the bar *breaks out into laughter*. He was enjoying every second of her confidence as a woman and fighter. There was nothing sexual about his gaze as he knows Sara could take him down with a swift kick to the throat. More Snart please. Hell more Snart/Sara please.

Similarly, was there a character(s) that you didn’t particularly love?


The Hawks. It’s not that I don’t like them it’s just that I don’t really care about them. I actually cared more about their son than them in this episode. And that’s a shame because I really love that we’re getting a new female hero in Kendra and two heroes that have such a connection to the series’ big bad, Vandal Savage. So the challenge that this show has, for me anyway, is to make me care about Kendra and Carter. That should be the show’s general purpose anyway to make us care about these characters. Because it’s not all about the time travel aspect; it’s about the legends that are traveling through it. That’s how Arrow and The Flash have managed to be so successful and that’s through making us care about the characters. None of this means anything if we don’t give a damn what happens to these people.


Oh, God, I want to love Hawkgirl and Hawkman, and I just can’t. I especially want to love Hawkman and nope, not feeling it. Hawkgirl is okay when she’s alone, but as soon as you put her with Carter (which this episode did, most of the time), I just zone out. I don’t think they have any chemistry whatsoever, and their whole hostility/romance thing is getting old, fast. This sucks, because these two are supposed to be at the center of EVERYTHING. This whole show is kind of failing already if I want them dead, right? Right?

My only other issue was with Dr. Stein, usually one of my faves. Victor Garber can play any role, and I’ll watch him, and probably love him, but there is something wrong with the setup for Stein here. What about Clarissa? You know, the wife he should have spent his whole life making happy? Did he even tell her he was leaving? And am I just supposed to believe he was so selfish as to drug Jackson? That’s completely OOC!


Do I have to pick one? Hawkgirl and Hawkman were boring for long stretches of time. The commitment they hold for each other isn’t believable. Also we don’t know them well enough as individuals to form bonds with them and sympathize with their struggles as immortals. They don’t even know each other! I need exploration big time and pronto if I’m going to believe they care for each other.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Pilot, Part 1" -- Image LGN101c_0249b -- Pictured: Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary -- Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

What was your favorite moment from the pilot?


Hands down it was when Sara, Snart, and Rory went out drinking and got into a bar brawl. It was everything that I wanted to see: character interaction, ass kicking, and straight up fun. It was one of those scenes where the chemistry between Caity Lotz, Wentworth Miller, and Dominic Purcell just shone. And it was damn fun to boot. More please!


Sara/Capt Cold/Heat Wave scene at the bar. THIS is exactly what this show should be about – unexpected connections, ass-kicking and good old fashioned fun. Some of the other scenes felt a little forced, but this was just the perfect tone, the perfect choreography and spot on dialogue (what little there was of it).


Doctor Stein kidnapping Jefferson after drugging him. Who does that?! lol. Also how do you explain that to others? “I drugged my companion and took him to the future against his will.” Doesn’t sound good at all.

Rip Hunter admitted that this team of Legends aren’t exactly legends in the future so much as they are expendable and insignificant. What were your thoughts on that and Sara Lance’s belief that they can rewrite history and be the legends Rip initially told them they were?


One of my favorite parts about the pilot was that twist on history. Here we are believing that this group of people are destined to be some of the greatest legends of history only to be told they’re not. They don’t matter. They’re expendable; rendered useless by time. And just think of the blow that these characters were dealt. They all joined this crusade believing that they would make a difference in the world, and they actually learned that they’re nobodies. That’s one blow that’s downright cruel. But because they are aware of a future where they don’t matter and they are now involved in something that does they have an opportunity to rewrite history and be legends in their own right. It’s motivation that will bring out the best in the heroes and even the villains that have joined a world-saving cause. And I can’t wait to see how they earn their titles as legends.


I thought it was a rather brilliant twist, and it made a ridiculous amount of sense, and I only say ridiculous because I didn’t think about it before. How can you call these people Legends and not ask The Flash and The Green Arrow to join? Those two are Legends for sure. So, this explanation not only makes sense, but it gives these characters a chance to rebel, a chance to grow. If you already know everything’s going to turn out well, there’s nothing to think about. You can coast through life. However, if you’re told that your life basically amounts to nothing, you’ll do anything to change that.

Now that’s what I call motivation.


It’s kind of inspiring. Whatever happened in the future led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people. Who would want that? So instead of disappearing into the night as nobodies….let them have a chance of changing their destiny and that of many innocents. I’m looking forward to seeing how each of them grow into themselves so save the world.

What are your thoughts on “Pilot, Part 1?” Sound off in the comments to keep the discussion going!

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  1. All the Snart and Sara please! I had no clue I would love the chemistry between these two as much as I did (although I’m game for platonic or romantic). I also agree with you guys that Hawkman and Hawkgirl are a snoozefest, especially how Hawkman is constantly on Kendra’s case, give the girl some space. But I really loved the pilot, and reading about your guys’ thoughts and opinions!

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