J. K Rowling Reveals Four Wizarding Schools

Thanks to the Boy Who Lived, we all know Hogwarts. For years, we wished we’d gone to Hogwarts. But now, with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them right around the corner, J. K Rowling is finally giving us a glimpse at the big magical world outside Britain’s borders …and we love it!

Rowling had previously confirmed the existence of a wizarding school in the United States, and now we know it’s name: Ilvermorny! For now the school page at Pottermore has no more information, but the other three schools revealed do: Uagadou, in Africa, is the largest of all wizarding schools, Mahoutokoro, in Japan, is the smallest and Castelobruxo, located in Brazil, is hidden deep in the rainforest.

The information was announced during the official “A Celebration of Harry Potter” event in Orlando, Florida. Actress Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter Movies, got to unveil the name of the North American Wizarding World school. Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, the school is presumed to be featured in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them.

Below you can find a map with the location of the 11 Wizarding Schools around the globe. And, for the rest of the information, well, we’ll just have to keep an eye on Pottermore.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them starring Eddie Redmayne, opens on November 18th, 2016.

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