'Grease Live': Ranking Our Favorite Musical Numbers

Grease Live certainly set the bar high for future live musicals on television.
FOX’s live three-hour event featured sensational performances and musical numbers that left audiences everywhere in awe and singing along with the classic revival.
It wasn’t just that we were impressed by the sensational acting, choreography, singing, directing and live action of it all — because we definitely were — but we had a hell of a lot of fun watching. That is how you do a live musical production.
Grease Live featured 14 musical performances, including most of the iconic numbers from the original, as well as a couple of new additions, and every one of them had something special. But of course there were some that we loved more than the others.
We’ve ranked our favorite performances from the show, including Vanessa Hudgen’s emotional solo to that school dance performance to the iconic carnival number.

1. “There Are Worse Things”

It’s truly astounding how Vanessa Hudgens was able to do this show just hours after her father passed away. And not only did she do it, she absolutely killed it. The highlight, of course, was her “There Are Worse Things” solo that just cried emotion and left us awestruck. Sensational.

 2. “Born to Hand Jive”‘

Everything about this number was flawless from the dancing to the singing (yeah, we saw you Joe Jonas). I am still drooling over that flip and am amazed that I didn’t spot one camera during that entire number. Outstanding.

3. “Freddy My Love”

While this Keke Palmer-led number might’ve been new for those that have only seen the movie, Palmer slayed this song in what was sensational staging and wardrobe changes (almost thought it was witchcraft it was that impressive).

4. “Those Magic Changes”

Another song from the Broadway musical, “Those Magic Changes” was beautifully executed in every way. From the staging to Jordan Fisher’s beautiful vocals this was one of those moments that stole the show.

5. “You’re The One That I Want”‘

The iconic penultimate number did not disappoint as Julianne Hough and Aaron Tveit owned everything with that number from the vocals to the dance moves to the chemistry. It was simply electrifying.

6. “Greased Lightning”

This number ranked high on my list of anticipated performances, and it did not let me down. From the staging to the performers, this was everything that I could’ve hoped for. And it was the first time that Aaron Tveit truly caught my eye. Damn this was a sensational number.

7. “Sandy”

If you weren’t already in love with Aaron Tveit as Danny Zucko before this point, this was the moment when you fell head over heels.

8. “We Go Together”

The final musical number culminated with a golf cart ride to the final carnival outdoor staging in what was an outstanding performance all around.

9. “Sandra Dee”

This was yet another moment where Vanessa Hudgens simply shone as Rizzo. From the simplistic staging to Hudgen’s flawless performance, this was a number that certainly did not disappoint.

10. “Hopelessly Devoted”

The only thing that prevented this from being higher was the microphone feedback to overshadowed Julianne Hough’s shining moment in a number we feared had been cut from the show, seeing as it appeared later on.

11. “Summer Nights”

The official opening number, for the cast, the iconic “Summer Nights” was fantastic all around and had us singing along from the first line.

12. “Beauty School Dropout”

Boyz II Men once again had us at their mercy with those beautiful vocals and flawless falsettos in a fantastic performance of “Beauty School Dropout.” Not to mention the staging was sensational.

13. “All I Need Is An Angel”

Carly Rae Jepson really shined on this new track, but it sounded much too modern for Grease, and felt unnecessary.

14. “Grease Is The Word” (Opener)

Jessie J did a great job with opening the show with the classic “Grease Is The Word,” as she moved from stage to stage (and outside, as well) giving the audience a tour of the set. But it wasn’t an actual “show” performance so it ranks below the others.
What was your favorite musical number on Grease Live?

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