'Marvel's Agent Carter' 2×04 Preview Guide: 'Smokes and Mirrors'

Peggy and crew are back this week in ‘Smokes and Mirrors’ where Peggy will finally find out about Whitney Frost’s special skills. According to Entertainment Weekly, we will also get to learn more about Peggy’s past and a love she had before Steve, which I’m extremely keen about.
So much of Peggy’s storyline has been centered around Steve that we did not even notice that when we met her she was already halfway in that story, and there is so much more to learn about her childhood, her family, what drove her to become a spy.
So let’s prepare you for tonight’s episode where we truly discover the smokes and mirrors:

MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER (2×04): “Smokes and Mirrors”

Tuesday, February 2, 9pm, ABC


  • How will Peggy find out about Whitney’s powers?
  • Will Vernon find out about Jason Wilkes’ ghostly powers?
  • How  did Peggy become a spy?






Agent Carter and the SSR learn there’s more than just a pretty face behind Hollywood star Whitney Frost, Peggy’s most dangerous foe yet.


Marvel’s Agent Carter airs at 9pm on Tuesdays on ABC

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