Vin Deisel Confirms Release Dates For Next 3 ‘Fast and Furious’ Films

I can’t be the only one shocked over this… because I thought that Fast & Furious was coming to an end. I love the film series – so I am not upset by the announcement that it will be a 10 film series.

I am on board with this.

It was previously announced that Fast 8 drops April 14, 2017. Fast & Furious 9 will follow it on April 19,2019, with Fast & Furious 10 will complete the 10 film series on April 2, 2021. I mean yes, Vin has said that there would be 10 films – that 8 would be the beginning of a trilogy of films – but the thing is – I really never thought about how it would go on that long. Cause I mean, though I know the films will always honor Paul Walker, he was such an important part of the franchise.


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Regardless, we’ll be there for the ride.


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