‘The Originals’ Roundtable: Jackson’s Death Destroyed Us…

As we prepare for tonights episode of The Originals, we discuss last weeks with our friends from Hashtag Avenue and We So Nerdy. So many thoughts on the episode which had us ugly crying and in the fetal position. Jackson’s death was just too much to handle.

Vincent seems to be playing both sides – doing whatever benefits him. Is he a better regent that Davina? Why or why not?

[highlight]Lauren, Fangirlish:[/highlight] I don’t know if he’s better but I would say he is more efficient. He’s willing to do what is necessary for his own survival, not matter how gruesome or compromising. He’s taking some pretty big risks and I’m not sure the covenant will back his decisions.

[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]I think he’s trying to be better than Davina but failing. While Davina embraced her witch heritage, Vincent is pushing it away in hopes that he’ll just get by. What the witches don’t realize is that their lives will always be tied with that of the vampires and werewolves of New Orleans. Fighting it just makes it worse. Make allies and treaties to guarantee the safety of your own. Until that happens they will continue to be jerked around by all that want to harness their power.

[highlight]Funmbi, We So Nerdy: [/highlight]I don’t perceive Vincent as playing both sides. More than anything, he wants to survive and make sure the witches come out of this Originals vs. Sirelines conflict relatively unscathed. As I see it, the only reason Vincent activated the saratura for Tristan and the Strix was because they threatened to have Finn possess him again. Once Vincent was free from the Strix (with Elijah’s help), he worked with the Mikaelsons to trap Tristan and Aurora.

What I actually found most compelling was the way Vincent counseled Cami in her time of need and supported her decision to transition (literally giving his blood to make it happen!).
So, for now, I have to say that Vincent is a better regent. Davina (perhaps out of her youth) was so concerned with her own life (bringing Kol back, getting revenge against the vampires, punishing the witches who challenged her). On the other hand, Vincent uses his authority to protect the witches, his friends, and maintain the broader balance of power in NOLA.

[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue: [/highlight] He’s definetly playing both sides but I don’t think he’s a “better” regent than Davina. Davina is just bad ass.

Before the hiatus, we left off thinking that Cami was going to die. Were you surprised with how her throat was slit? What are your thoughts on that twist?

[highlight]Lauren, Fangirlish:[/highlight] I honestly wasn’t surprised considering how insanely jealous – and just plain insane – Aurora is. It’s clear she isn’t going to let Klaus live his happily ever after with Cami and is bent on the destruction of all those he cares about.

[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]Not surprised at all! The Originals always likes to push the limits and they certainly did with this. For so long Klaus has been enraptured by the person Cami is and how she sees him. It was the perfect time to cut those strings and make Klaus find his own way while watching Cami lose herself. As for Aurora’s plan…bitter much? She has fallen under the delusion that Klaus is the only one for her. Trying to steal away what her ‘lover’ praises was the next logical step. Surprise, surprise, Klaus hates you even more Aurora.

[highlight]Funmbi, We So Nerdy: [/highlight]I was so sure Cami was going to die! This would be the catalyst Klaus would need to get rid of Lucien and the de Martels and we could finally be done with this storyline.

The twist was shocking, but made a lot of sense. Of course Aurora would realize that Klaus valued Cami’s humanity. Aurora could also see that Cami had a dark side (which would likely be heightened if she became a vampire). So she presented Cami and Klaus with a twisted choice: eternal separation by death or Vamp-Cami. Either choice could devastate Cami and Klaus, and in Aurora’s messed-up mind, she probably believed that Klaus would come back to her.
[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue: [/highlight]  Did we REALLY think she was going to actually die? As Cami herself said “how could this have ended any other way”. I think it was a given that something like this would happen to Cami and that she would transition.

Let’s talk bat shit crazy Aurora. She’s disappeared. How do you think she’s going to play out the rest of the season? Do you think she’s going to affect Cami and Klaus’s relationship?

[highlight]Lauren, Fangirlish:[/highlight]  She’s absolutely going to affect Klaus and Cami’s relationship and I think all of her plans are falling into place, especially with Cami choosing the life of a vampire. With the wholesome side of Cami seemingly gone forever, Klaus may spiral. Or worse, revert back to his old ways.


tumblr_o1r68jha1c1s7y0ubo2_250[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]I don’t think she’s going to come into play until Cami either A) has gotten control of her bloodlust or B) Cami goes hunting for her seeking revenge. She’s the card they’re going to wait to play. As for her affect on Cami and Klaus’s relationship, it’s going to bring them together before tearing them apart. Klaus is going to be happy at Cami’s new state for about half an episode before he seems how different she is. Then comes the loss and anger before they split and Klaus blames/tortures Aurora for what she’s done. Oh yeah, fun times coming for Aurora.

[highlight]Funmbi, We So Nerdy: [/highlight]Aurora is gone and if Lucien helped her, this might mean that they’re both on their way to save Tristan from his watery fate. *RAGE* I just really want for these three to leave or die or something. But we can probably expect more trouble from them. I just wish we knew what Lucien, Tristan, and Aurora’s endgame is. Is it just wanting the Mikaelsons dead or something else?

Honestly, (judging by the preview for this week’s episode) I think Klaus and Cami will have bigger issues to deal with when it comes to their relationship.
[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue: [/highlight]  I think she will try… but I think Klaus is pretty in love with Cami- and this “new” side to her is going to totally appeal to him.

Speaking of that – what do you think is going to happen with Cami now being a vampire? Do you think she made the right decision?

[highlight]Lauren, Fangirlish:[/highlight] That’s a tough decision to make. I loved her speech as to why she was initially against it and wanted to die being proud of her humanity. Ultimately the lure of being virtually indestructible was too much to resist and she chose the afterlife, with the best intentions of course. In the long run, I think this will prove to be Cami’s worst decision.

[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]I don’t think she made the right decision. She’s lived around the Mikaelsons long enough to know that pain surrounds the beings around them. Why would she torture herself with a prolonged existence with The Originals? Her good intentions to care for her city will pale in comparison to her new hunger for blood. She’ll abandon her plans in no time and turn into something complicated and deadly.

[highlight]Funmbi, We So Nerdy: [/highlight]I’m really going to miss Human-Cami and I think Klaus will too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she’s still alive. And it’s going to be so interesting to see Cami decide if she wants to reclaim her human/reasonable side or be Wild Cami. For now, it seems that she will embrace her vampire side with all the blood and violence. However, I don’t think Klaus is going to like having to play babysitter. Cami was always Klaus’tumblr_o1ru00RZrM1uhj87xo4_250 voice of restraint and mercy–it’ll be interesting to see if he takes on that role for her.

[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue: [/highlight]  I’m surprised by her decision because I don’t really think it was true to Cami’s character- she has been sort of a martyr for doing “what’s right” but I didn’t expect her to be written off the show anytime soon.

Jacksons death… how distraught were you over that? How do you think Hayley will move on from that?

[highlight]Lauren, Fangirlish:[/highlight]  I ugly cried during that scene. Jackson was such a likable character and his love for Hayley and her child was so pure. Hayley needed Jackson in her life and his death will alter her forever I have no doubt. We may see the darkest side of Hayley and I doubt we will like it, no matter how entertaining to watch.

[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight] Absolutely devastated! I still can’t believe he’s dead. He gave Hayley the love, commitment, and partnership she’s always wanted. Even though they entered into their marriage for the pack they loved each other. Not OTP love but the kind of love is formed from trust. Now it’s been ripped away and I don’t know what Hayley’s going to do. (Heck, I don’t know what I’m going to do!) One things for sure, Hayley will feel guilt when anger when Elijah tries to comfort her because of the loss. She’ll want to fall into his arms but also feel guilt stewing in her because her husband just died. To move on she needs to face her enemies and protect her daughter Hope. She needs to remember the good that Jackson brought into her life.

tumblr_o1tyog5NnZ1rlvdl7o5_250[highlight]Funmbi, We So Nerdy: [/highlight]I really didn’t think Jackson would die…and goodness, it was so horribly violent. But what broke my heart the most was that Tristan killed Jackson in front of Hayley and then left her with his dead body! UGH!

Jackson was a good man and he loved Hayley completely. I will miss him.
However, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that part of me is wondering if this might be the opening for Haylijah to finally happen. Elijah already stood by Hayley’s side during Jackson’s funeral. Elijah will likely continue to support and comfort her…which might turn into something else *fingers crossed*


[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue: [/highlight]  Boo 🙁 I liked Jackson but honestly does this mean Hayley can FINALLY be with Elijah or what. Sorry Jackson lovers!

What is the biggest lingering question that you need answered in the back end of the season?

[highlight]Lauren, Fangirlish:[/highlight]  How long will Marcel be able to play double agent? Surely things will be coming to a head for him soon enough and he will have to choose a side.

tumblr_o1tyog5NnZ1rlvdl7o1_250[highlight]Lyra, Fangirlish: [/highlight]Where/when/how will Hope’s abilities come into play once more? She’s a magic little baby hybrid. We can’t let that go!

[highlight]Funmbi, We So Nerdy: [/highlight] This “one by friend, one by foe, one by family” prophecy has me so nervous, but curious too. When will the remainder of the prophecy come to pass and how will the Mikaelsons come back from it (because you know The Originals will always survive!)?

[highlight]April, Hashtag Avenue: [/highlight]  Will Elijah and Hayley finally get together? Oh wait, I already said that. Where is Hope during all of this? Will the Ocean actually keep Tristan down there? Should Elijah have told Marcel where Tristan is? Will Cami lose her humanity? (This is all feeling very Elena)


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