‘The X-Files’ Teases Scully’s Alien DNA

FOX sure knows how to up the stakes. Bring up the Alien DNA!

On paper, debuting new footage for the last episode of this 6-episode revival of The X-Files during the Super Bowl was a bad idea. Everyone was busy watching the Half-Time Show, after all. Or, were they? Because, considering the limited time the footage was available, the fans sure made it count.

The X-Files trended for a bit during the few minutes the footage, a Scully voice-over eerily reminiscent of Mulder’s in the opening act of this revival, was available. And though there wasn’t much new information in it, just Scully recounting her years on The X-Files and the possibilities her alien DNA bring to the story-line, we can’t help but be excited. And, hey, if excitement was what The X-Files going for, then maybe, just maybe, this was the perfect time for this footage.

The X-Files airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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