'Marvel's Agent Carter' 2×05 Preview Guide: 'The Atomic Job'

If this season is the origin story of Madame Masque, this week in ‘The Atomic Job’ we truly see her embracing her powers and taking the control it gives her with both hands.
At the end of last week’s episode, Calvin Chadwick became aware of his wife’s unique abilities and it appears as if this week they will be working together, with the wannabe Senator the sidekick to Frost’s supervillain as they try and use the powers on an atomic bomb.
We’ll also get to see Peggy undercover in a red wig, and Jarvis telling anecdotes from his childhood while crawling through a vent.
Really just another Agent Carter episode.

MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER (2×05): “The Atomic Job”

Tuesday, February 9, 9pm, ABC


  • Whose corpse is Peggy and Jarvis collecting in the sneak peek?
  • Why does Whitney Frost need an atomic bomb?
  • Why is Peggy going undercover?





Jarvis’ quick thinking and precision is put to the test; Peggy has to stop an atomic explosion that could destroy California.



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