‘The Walking Dead’ 6×09 Preview Guide: ‘No Way Out’

Happy Valentine’s Day Walking Dead fans! After a long and grueling break our time has come! (Don’t lie. You suffered from Rick/Daryl withdrawal.) The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead airs tonight at 9/8c on AMC. Right after we’re fortunate enough to have The Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick. What better way to spend your Valentine’s Day right? So snuggle up with your loved one and read on through our preview guide for ‘No Way Out.’ (Ominous title alert!)

[lead]Official Synopsis: With walkers inside the gates of Alexandria, Rick and the group are scared, outnumbered and things are only getting worse.[/lead]


What We Know:

  • The people that confront Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham on the highway are called The Saviors. They are a group of survivors who gouge neighboring communities for supplies in exchange for protection. Sounds sketchy? It is. If you don’t offer up something you’re bound to get hurt by them in return.
  • Negan, the leader of The Saviors will appear in the season finale. He’s a foul mouthed and charismatic leader who you’ll love to hate. You also might feel a little guilty for laughing at his jokes. Just a bit. He’s played by the lovely Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
  • People are going to die. Period.
  • Greg Nicotero estimates that they used over 1300 zombies for this mid-season premiere.
  • Zombie aftermath at Alexandria will happen…AT NIGHT! No more walking around and seeing the zombie horde in the glory of daytime. Oh no. They want to freak us out by playing on our fears of the unknown waiting in the dark.
  • There will be a time jump.
  • The Alexandrians will be united with Rick & Co. Except Morgan. People are going to watch him with narrowed eyes after his actions led to the kidnapping of Denise.
  • Maggie and Glenn will reunite. Prepare the tissues!
  • New communities will be explored in the surrounding area of Alexandria. Top of the list is Hilltop. This farming community is lead by a man named Gregory (Xander Berkeley). They are looking to set up trading with Alexandria.
  • Introduction of Hilltop means Jesus. This comic to screen character is being played by Paul Monroe. He’s a warrior who could be a great ally to Rick & Co.


Top Worries:

  • Is Carol ok? She took a pretty nasty hit last season from Morgan. She’ll bounce back! (I hope.)
  • Where’s Denise? Is she ok? Are they going after her?
  • Who’s going to die? Will it be a main character?
  • How will Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham escape from The Saviors?
  • Will Jessie’s kid get them all killed at Alexandria? (Or maybe an arm chopped off?)
  • Is Glenn going to die, again? After making us believe he died last year you’d think he would safe for just a bit longer. WRONG! If you haven’t read the comic books STOP here. If you have, keep on going. I don’t want Lucille to meet Glenn’s face and leave us with a haunting image of his death.
  • While we’re on the comics, will Carl lose his eye?



The Walking Dead airs Sundays @ 9/8c on AMC.

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