‘The Vampire Diaries’ Roundtable: WTF Is Going On?

The Vampire Diaries is more confusing than anything lately. I mean not to be a pain – but like give me a solid story line that I can understand. I feel drunk watching it lately.

Am I alone?

Let’s talk all about last weeks episode before we dive into tonight’s episode.

Do you really believe that Elena was burned? Is Damon still feeling the affects of the stone?

[highlight]We So Nerdy: [/highlight]I do not believe that Elena was burned. Even though the protagonist of TVD is gone because Nina Dobrev has left the show, to have Damon burn Elena alive is just too over the top for this show. Also, it’s unnecessarily redundant.

[highlight]Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight] No… Because I think it was the first episode of the season… Damon was “asleep” next to her in the coffin in that shed right? He’s totally still feeling the Phoenix Stone side effects.

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight] No. I don’t think so. I think if there is one person that they would never destroy – it’s Elena. I mean they would have to be crazy to get rid of her. I think Damon’s just gone nuts in the stone and that he needs to take some xanax and chill out.

Enzo’s betrayal. What do you think he has to gain from this? And how can Bonnie forgive him to end up with him eventually?

[highlight]We So Nerdy: [/highlight]I honestly have no clue what is going on! No clue! Is Enzo still harboring his intense hatred for Stefan or is there another play at foot. But what I do know is Bonnie seems to always forgive others regardless of the evil they commit, so her ending up with Enzo even after his betrayal isn’t off character.

[highlight]Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]I was so excited when I saw he was back! Of COURSE he has some devious plan up his sleeve and of COURSE Bonnie will forgive him. Have you heard him speak?

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight] Oh Bonnie – I have some issues with you. Like she’s like rubbermaid – that girl will never die. But – knowing she has job security now – I am getting used to having her around. However, she needs to reevaluate her life choices – cause she kinda sucks at them. And Enza = BAD LIFE CHOICE.

The new big bad – are we looking forward to her story line? What Vampire do you think she’s gonna take out first?

[highlight]We So Nerdy: [/highlight]I’m looking forward to any story line that doesn’t involve Julian. So bring on the Huntress and her quest for vengeance, justice, or just a need to murder. And if I could choose which vampire she takes out next, I’m going to vote for Mary Louise. However, the reality is, I have no clue what is going on, so I’m going to guess she might just kill a bunch of Julian’s new cronies.

[highlight]Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]Ugh. Are they really playing her as an Elena look a like? I really have no idea where they are going with this as far as motive etc.

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight] I mean – when Damon said he looked like Elena, I was over it. I was enjoying the whole get away from Elena thing. But as usual – nothing ever stays away. I think I am looking forward to her storyline – but I am also looking forward to her getting her ass kicked.

Julian being gone. Are we thinking Mystic Falls will go back to normal now?

[highlight]We So Nerdy: [/highlight]First let me do another shimmy because Julian is gone! *shimmy* Now back to point, even with Julian gone it will take a while for Mystic Falls to go back to normal. Mystic Falls after the arrival of the Heretics may never be normal again. Or its version of normal.

[highlight]Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]Has Mystic Falls ever been normal? I don’t think so because of the time jump- no one is IN Mystic Falls, so something has to be up there.

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight] Let’s hope so.

The babies syphoning Caroline. How are you thinking that this will play out for Caroline?

[highlight]We So Nerdy: [/highlight]In the end I know Caroline makes it to the future as a vampire, so at some point the mini-Kai’s will probably get control over their need to siphon and maybe only do enough to bring her to the edge of desiccation.

[highlight]Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]She seems to be just fine as a news anchor in 3 years? I think Caroline is obviously going to continue to get fiercely protective of them.

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight]I will admit that I didn’t like Caroline a few seasons ago – but I have grown to love her so much. So – don’t fuck with Caroline. DON’T.

Now that we know that in the future it’s the vampire hunter looking for Stefan – what do you think got them there?

[highlight]We So Nerdy: [/highlight]Season 7 of TVD is all over the map for me and nothing I’ve guessed so far has been slightly accurate. So risking being wrong in a very public manner, I’m going to say the Huntress coming after Stefan has something to do with his ripper days.

[highlight]Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]Literally NO clue… It was honestly some what of a let down. I really expected the face to be somewhat familiar!

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight]Have no clue. That’s one thing this season has been great at – keeping us on our toes.

Vampire fight club. Are we pro or against. How important was that storyline?

[highlight]We So Nerdy: [/highlight]The vampire fight club is not pivotal to the storyline at all in my eyes, but I feel that it’s a way to flex the stunt muscles that have been lacking for many of the episodes or maybe the vampire fight club will be the tie for TVD and “The Originals’ crossover episode.

[highlight]Hashtag Avenue:[/highlight]Pro!! It was about time for Stefan to kick some Julian ass! It’s been a long time in the making!

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight] Stupid. Sorry.

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