‘The Walking Dead’ 6×10 Preview Guide: The Next World

After last week’s slam dunk of pain, unity, and carnage The Walking Dead is slowing down for a little bit in “The Next World” (Just a teeny bit.) A time jump skips past all the nitty gritty of fixing up Alexandria and dives into keeping their home supplied and running. Let’s talk about it!

[lead]Official Synopsis: A seemingly simple scavenging run proves to be very tricky when our group isn’t the only one vying for an unexpected supply goldmine.[/lead]

What We Know:

  • Weeks have passed since last week’s episode, “No Way Out.”
  • We will not be seeing the cleanup of Alexandria, Carl’s immediate healing process, or all those reunions we wanted. (Yes, no Glenn/Maggie reunion scenes of love.)
  • Rick’s focus will be on how they survive from here on out now that they are one in Alexandria.
  • Rick and Daryl reunite the dynamic duo that we love. Includes a lot of running, sweating, and picking apart a gas station.
  • We’ll finally be introduced to Jesus aka Paul Monroe (played by Tom Payne.) This straight from the comic book character serves in a nearby community known as Hilltop. There he recruits people and scavenges to survive. Guess who he’s going to rob? Yup Rick and Daryl.

Top Worries:

  • What’s this unexpected supply goldmine? Twenty bucks says the goldmine is a vending machine of goodies.
  • How long until Jesus becomes an ally of Alexandria? Also will Rick and Daryl be treated to his hand-to-hand combat?
  • Where are Negan’s men and what are they up to since the explosion via Daryl’s quick thinking?
  • How’s Carol?
  • Did Daryl put a hurting on Morgan?
  • How long will this peace last?!



The Walking Dead airs Sundays @ 9/8c on AMC.


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