'Marvel's Agent Carter' 2×08 & 2×09 Preview Guide: 'The Edge of Mystery' & 'A Little Song and Dance'

Firstly, ANGIE IS BACK! Okay, back to ‘The Edge of Mystery’ and ‘A Little Song and Dance’.
Tonight we’ll see Peggy furiously work against the clock to rescue Jason Wilkes from Whitney Frost’s clutches. Also now that Vernon Masters has taken over the SSR does that make Peggy and Daniel free agents?
Meanwhile Jarvis is in revenge mode, trying to get back at Whitney for shooting his wife, Ana. Howard is making contributions to the team again…and there’s a musical number.
This week’s two hour episode is bound to be extravaganza and keep at the edge of your seats, be sure to watch!

MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER (2×08) and (2×09): “The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance”

Tuesday, February 23, 9pm and 10pm, ABC



The Edge of Mystery: Sousa and Peggy try to make a deal with Whitney Frost; Howard Stark helps the SSR in hopes of eliminating Zero Matter.
A Little Song and Dance: Peggy must put a dangerous plan into action to stop Whitney Frost and save Dr. Wilkes; Thompson makes an unexpected move.




Marvel’s Agent Carter airs on ABC on Tuesdays at 9pm

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