Adele Reminds Us All Why She Is Queen

Like a lot of you – we love Adele. We think she’s not only talented – but it’s her no nonsense, tell it like it is attitude that gets us thinking that she’s just like us. She’s fun, she’s humble, and she wants to just live.

Now, the singers been pretty busy since she came back and we have to admit that she brought tears to our eyes last night at the Brit Awards.

You can’t help but be genuinely happy for her as she wins and her speech just made us break down. “I bet you’re all f–king bored of me,” she said. I assure you Adele, we are not.

Here’s without the bleeped out cuss word.

And then there was her performance on the Brit Awards – which made us want to stand up and cheer for her. The song she performed was “When We Were Young.”

But what also made us stand up and cheer was when Adele publicly supported Kesha.

We’re all about the girl power and the way that Adele supports everyone. We’re proud to be a fan!

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