Everything Will Be Okay If Klaus and Caroline Don’t Happen. I’ve Got My Klaroline Closure.

I will be the first person to admit – I live and die by my ships. That’s the great thing about books and TV – they give me an ideal of what I would never settle for and what I want. Ships give us something to believe in when there is nothing left to believe in. Ships give us hope – an ideal of love. Yes, we go in knowing that the love may not always be attainable, but it’s the idea.

That’s all we need.

Now, there has never been a ship that I have wanted more than Klaus and Caroline. Maybe it’s the whole old fashioned story of a good girl and the possibility of taming the bad boy. Maybe it’s the allure of a bad boy – cause we all know that we’re going to fall for the bad boy at least once in our lives. But from the moment that these two came on screen together – to me – it was like seeing a spark. Hell, fireworks went off and I knew that was the ship I wanted to succeed. It was everything.

Until it wasn’t.

I’ve always lived and died by the knowledge that you don’t choose the ship, the ship chooses you. On the surface Klaus and Caroline isn’t something easy to understand. Klaus is bat shit crazy and he’s always forcing himself into everyones life. Yes, sometimes it’s by a misguided sense of thinking he’s doing the right thing. But, what I have come to understand about Klaus is that his madness – his holier than thou attitude – is a facade for just wanting to be loved.

You can’t fault him for that. Sure, you can fault him for the way he handles it – but where the hell would be the fun if he was just – boring.

I admit – than in the middle of my ship – I got lost. I was detered by sitting back and watching a ship that I thought I wanted too. Stefan and Caroline. I mean cause where Klaus gives me the bad boy fantasy, Stefan gives the idea that falling in love with your best friend can happen. But in the back of mind it was always a passing phase because Stefan isn’t meant to be with Caroline. Sure, he’s helped her grow and maybe that’s what she needed.

She needed to know that when you move past all of the Tyler bullshit and the Klaus complications – she deserved love. She deserved to be more than just the best friend that helped everyone through. She deserved to be the person that had someone fighting for her.

She deserved to be loved unconditionally.

But I resigned myself to the fact that Klaus and Caroline were end game – so good on her that she’s living her life and having her fun. Everyone deserves to live their best life. But I always referred back to the “I intend to be your last” scene.

And my faith in their love was always renewed. The thing is – you can see that Klaus wants nothing more than to love Caroline. He may try and shut it off – and like her he moves on to other things in life. But don’t tell me you haven’t thought about if The Vampire Diaries gets cancelled, that Caroline moves to New Orleans and we would finally get them together forever.

Well I am admitting that I did.

Until last night. Until that phone call that broke my heart.

You see – watching this scene did something that I didn’t know it would do. I got closure. Hell, I didn’t even know that I needed closure on this ship.

We can all see that there is an undying love between Klaus and Caroline – the way that their faces suddenly glow with the sound of each others voices. You can see the pain in their faces, feel the love in their hearts. But with his goodbye, something changed. It wasn’t the love that they share – I believe that it will always be there.

It was closure. It was hearing the words that they would never be able to say, without them saying it. It was knowing that love can live forever – but just because you are in love doesn’t mean that you have to be together.

Would I be happy if Klaus and Caroline got together. Sure, of course I would. Who doesn’t want to believe in love? I know I do. But what this weeks crossover episode taught me is that it’s okay if my ship doesn’t sail. Sometimes it’s okay to just take the lessons that love can teach you. Sometimes it’s okay for a person to just love from a far.

I’ve got my Klaroline closure.

Love doesn’t mean having to be together – sometimes love just means being there. That’s one thing these two characters are experts at.


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