‘Shadowhunters’ Roundtable: Let’s Talk Clace Kiss

It’s almost time for tonights episode of Shadowhunters. Read our thoughts on last weeks!

 We’ll start at the end – what are your thoughts on the Clace kiss? What were your thoughts on the slap?

[highlight]Katherine: [/highlight]I’m going to surprise myself here by saying that I actually quite loved it. Apart from the fact that it wasn’t in private, it felt like it was the right time for the duo. Plus, they were being cute as hell together throughout the episode, so it felt like a sweet episodic storyline cap. Their chemistry has felt more believable this episode, so the closet scene and subsequent slap felt like the Clary and Jace banter I’ve been waiting for. The slap itself was flimsy, but the entire scene surrounding it was spot on. From the facial expressions of exasperation to the grin-worthy lines themselves, the slap has to be my favorite scene so far. To see Jace ‘act’ was priceless.

[highlight]TMI Source: [/highlight]I liked and also disliked the kiss. I did have some Clace feels, which was good because the previous episode left me feeling kind of indifferent to this pairing. I thought it was awesome that Clary kissed Jace instead of the other way round, but I did not like the setting at all. Why did they have to kiss in the middle of the Institute where anyone could see them? It took away from the magic of a first kiss and even the music couldn’t do anything to save that. Another thing that I didn’t like was Alec seeing the kiss. This could lead to even more tension between him and Jace and I am already so fed up with these two fighting nearly all the time.The slap was funny because of the situation, but it would have been better if they had shown the original slap in the pilot. They even filmed it so I don’t understand why they didn’t include it.

[highlight]TellTaleTV: [/highlight]Really liked both of them! The slap was very funny, particularly Jace totally playing into the part of scummy cheating boyfriend. I especially loved that it was Clary who took the initiative and kissed Jace. The only thing that was a little silly was Clary kissing Jace in front of everyone at the Institute. Like she couldn’t have waited until they had a moment alone? Poor Alec…

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight] I liked both and I disliked them. I mean I appreciate the fact that they put the slap in, but it was just I wanted the other. And quite frankly – I missed the greenhouse. But both were good.

Izzy has changed in order to be there for her family. Do you think that this is a positive thing? How is it negative?

[highlight]Katherine: [/highlight]Izzy finally ditched Meliorn, which is a major win in my book. The switch up between Izzy and Alec’s roles in the field is doubly satisfying, as well. I don’t understand how Izzy dressing like she’s in her thirties is helping their family at all. It feels like Izzy’s lost some of her edge. It’s not that her flirting and skimpy clothes defined her at all, but they added to her fiery flare she already possessed.

[highlight]TMI Source: [/highlight]I love Izzy’s new clothes because they make her look very sophisticated, but I do not like the reason why she changed her style. Izzy is a strong woman, the second best Shadowhunter after Jace so she should be judged by what she does for the Clave and not by the way she dresses and acts with Downworlders, especially not by her own mother! She is trying to be a second Maryse which unfortunately makes her lose some of her identity.

[highlight]TellTaleTV: [/highlight]At its core, it’s bad. You should never change who you are for anyone. That said, I kind of hated the over the top minx that Izzy was before, so I’m glad she’s toned it down. Hopefully she settles into a nice middle ground.

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight]Look, regardless of what I say someone is gonna be pissed. But I like the sophistication of Izzy now and I want her to be the strong fierce person she is meant to be. I don’t want her judged for her boobs and butt – but rather the strength of who she is.

Alec’s flirting. Can we talk about that – what were your thoughts on that? How do these scenes contribute to Alec’s development?

[highlight]Katherine: [/highlight]It was endearing and exactly what I’d expect from someone with no romantic experience whatsoever. This may be another step in Alec stepping out of his comfort zone, inching closer and closer to what he really wants.

[highlight]TMI Source: [/highlight]Oh Alec, he made me smile when he was trying to flirt with that policewoman. On the other hand, it was also sad to see because he is afraid of anything sexual so that he doesn’t even know how to flirt. I’m really not sure how this scene will contribute to his development since the show is introducing his future fiancée in today’s episode. We’ll see how the show will handle this new relationship.

[highlight]TellTaleTV: [/highlight]So hilarious! He was so incredibly awkward with that female guard. He’s adorable. I’m not sure about his development because it’s not like that faux flirting helped make him a better flirter but it was a very funny, lighthearted moment.

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight] Alec is the best thing ever and even his awkwardness is amazing.

Simon’s evolution into being a vampire is finally happening. Do you feel this was too drawn out or has it been important to be drawn out for his storyline?

[highlight]Katherine: [/highlight]Thankful for it being drawn out. I figured that Simon would’ve turned in the first few episodes at the pace it was going initially. I wish we got more time with human Simon before he got so involved in the vampire world, though. The twist that Simon wasn’t actually a vampire until the very end of this episode took me for an effective surprise.

[highlight]TMI Source: [/highlight]I think it was okay that his evolution was drawn out because I think it’ll be more shocking once he’s dead and then undead. Seeing Simon struggle with the hallucinations makes him even more human and relatable so his change into a vampire will be more of a tearjerker for some fans.

[highlight]TellTaleTV: [/highlight]No, I think it was perfect. I especially enjoyed the twist that Simon would have been just fine if he’d waited it out and not gone back to duMort. Alberto Rosende has been doing a great job showing Simon’s overwhelming isolation and anxiety about his transition. I’m excited to see how this all plays out now that he is (apparently, finally) a vampire.

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight]It was so drawn out, but I am looking forward to seeing him finally evolve.

We have finally found the cup. How does this change the game?

[highlight]Katherine: [/highlight]It’ll be interesting to see what moves are made first with it. There’s going to be a bunch of ideas bouncing between the Shadowhunters as to what’s best and most important. From what we’ve seen so far, it’ll be Clary and Jace wanting to save Jocelyn, Alec wanting to hand it over to the Clave, and Izzy somewhere in between. I can already see Alec’s disapproving glare now…

[highlight]TMI Source: [/highlight]Hard to say because I don’t know what the writers will do with it; if they are sticking to the book or if they are changing the story. If they follow the book storyline then it’ll only be a short reprieve before Valentine gets the Cup to go on with his evil plan. We’ll see.

[highlight]TellTaleTV: [/highlight]It is a total game changer! I’m really glad that they didn’t drag this out indefinitely. The show has suffered from dragging out various plot points and throwing these annoying roadblocks in front of the overall mission. I also have no idea where they’ll go from here, which is exciting; to be honest, the show has been fairly predictable up through now, and having no idea what the next step is is definitely a welcome feeling.

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight]I’d like to say it changes the game, but you never know.

Who was the MVP of this episode for you?

[highlight]Katherine: [/highlight]It’s a close call, but Simon. Alberto’s acting in the delusional scene in Simon’s bedroom felt so authentic that I wanted to reach through the screen and hug him (while hoping he wouldn’t kill me). I’m consistently impressed with how much of a scene-stealer he is. Across the board the acting was a lot better this episode and after the last two episodes, I feel that the show is heading in a positive creative direction.

[highlight]TMI Source: [/highlight]My MVP was and still is Simon. I love Alberto’s portrayal of my favourite character and I think it really paid off that he has read all of the books. He gets Simon and Alberto can play funny and totally serious the next second. I loved Simon’s pro and con list, especially his comment about garlic, and I nearly cried when he was in his room, devastated and crying, because he thought he was turning into a vampire

[highlight]TellTaleTV: [/highlight]Clary for sure! She came up with that great spur of the moment plan to pretend Jace was her cheating boyfriend and slap him, then she recognized that the shapeshifter wasn’t actually Jace and stabbed him, then she got the Cup of of the tarot card, and THEN she took the initiative and kissed Jace! Seriously, Clary was on a roll this week.

[highlight]Fangirlish:[/highlight]Alec. Always trying to be there, be strong and be everything to everyone. But I am gonna give him the co-mvp with his sister, Izzy.

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  1. >TellTaleTV: At its core, it’s bad. You should never change who you are for anyone. <

    …and with what happened with Alec, this week; and what appears to be happening with Simon, next week, it doesn’t feel like the writers _get_ that. It was one of the key themes in TMI. Alec had to learn that. Simon always seemed to know that – Vampire was _what_ he was, not _who_ he was. (…and that was
    something Jace had to learn.)
    Now could someone tell the writers?

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