Wattpad Writer Wednesday: SlayerStyles

It’s time for the Wattpad Writer of the week and this week we are focusing on Slayer Styles. She’s been writing on Wattpad for just a bit – but we love her passion for writing. She’s most proud of her story Opposites, which as 5.7K reads. We wanted to know why she’s passionate about Wattpad and here’s what she had to say.

When did you start writing on Wattpad?

I started writing on wattpad since March 15,2015.

What inspired you to write on Wattpad?

Ever since I started to read stories,the urge in me grew more and more.I wanted so bad to write,from the first book that I’ve ever read,I knew that I want to be an author.

What has writing on Wattpad taught you?

To be honest,a lot of things.It helps me with my language more,it makes me realize my mistakes,for example my grammatical errors.When I practice more and write more,my grammar becomes better.

Why did you choose to write Fan Fiction?

I chose to write fan fiction because,simply it’s the best way to write.I come from the One Direction fandom,so it’s actually our thing hah.

What is your favorite part of writing Fan Fiction?

My favorite part of writing fan fiction,is that it takes you to a whole new level.A new world.You can write about literally anything you want.The things that you can’t have and want in real life,it can happen in your imagination.When you write this in fan fiction,all of the things that you like and love will happen.

What fandom do you think would be the hardest fandom to write in?

As being a girl,I think the hardest fandom to write in would be the Fifth Harmony fandom(or whatever girl band/girl artist),because honestly in my opinion I can’t write a story about girls in my perspective.

What’s been the best compliment you received from a fan?

The best compliment I received from a fan is that,she was very happy to be crossed over my book.And comments like,”Please update!” makes me so happy.

Who are your favorite published authors?

John Green is definitely my favorite published writer.

What advice do you have for Wattpad writers?

My advice is: Don’t write for recognition,don’t write to become famous.Don’t write to earn money or readers,write because you actually LOVE writing.Or write because you are so passionate for a subject you wanna talk about,and don’t force yourself to write about something you hate/dislike.Do what you love,and everything will be better.

Who is your favorite Wattpad writer?

I have multiple of favorite wattpad writers,but I’m gonna choose two. Izzy Saphira and Molly Night.

Tell us about your favorite story that you have written and why people should be reading it.

My favorite story that I wrote is Opposites,it’s basically my favorite to write,because my first story isn’t written in the best way.It needs a lot of editing.When I write Opposites,I feel the need to write more.It’s about dancing,lies,betrayal and protectiveness,but most importantly ; romance.I think people should read Opposites because in my opinion I really am working so hard on it.And the plot is well organized and planned.I think that they will enjoy every bit of it.


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