‘Chasing Crazy’ Tour: Christchurch

Nina and Sam’s last stop in New Zealand finds us in the stunning city of Christchurch, where Nina and Sam reunite with many of the friends they’ve made along the way.


Join Nina and Sam on their mapadventures through New Zealand by following along with the excerpt hop! The first day highlights Auckland. Check out the excerpt below and enter to win a signed copy and an advanced copy of Kelly Siskind’s upcoming book!

Follow along with the excerpt hop to follow Nina and Sam through New Zealand:

Stop #8 – Christchurch:

Bruno and Sam have spent much of the last half hour studying Leigh and Paige, Bruno wearing a typical look of male wonder, no doubt picturing himself in various unclothed positions with the two girls, both of whom would likely rather snort wasabi than be with him. But Sam looks pensive.

As if aware I’m watching him, he turns and puts both hands on my shoulders. “You ready to own your crazy?”

What the…? His look of mischief has me shrinking on the bench. “Sorry. No. Please. No. Whatever you’re thinking, the answer is no.”

“You can’t apologize your way out of this, Canada. Check out Leigh.” He flicks his head toward her.

She has such an air of ease, she’s almost unrecognizable. As though releasing her truth into the world has unburdened her. At least momentarily. So she has owned herself, and Sam walks around in shorts, no longer hiding his scars. What about me? Thanks to him, I’ve faced down a number of phobias, but in a group of friends, I’d still rather hide behind the façade of normal than parade my eccentricities. And he’s calling me on it. The guy who doesn’t even know my name.

I look back at Leigh—her broad smile, the shine in her eyes. If she can risk it all and come out laughing, I can, too. Sitting taller, I grip my shot glass. “Okay, do your worst.” I can be courageous. Fearless. I’m a regular Joan of Arc.

He drops my shoulders, squeezes my thigh, and holds his other hand in the air. “My turn,” he calls.

All heads turn our way. Double shoot. Maybe I’m more Cowardly Lion than Joan of Arc. I doubt anyone will notice if I slip under the table and huddle in the fetal position. My floral skirt will for sure camouflage with the floor tile. Or I could pull the fire alarm.

Sensing my imminent freak out, Sam tightens his grip on my leg. Then he says, “Never have I ever…” OhGodOhGodOhGodOhGod. He won’t really do it, will he? “Wet myself on an airplane, tossed out my underpants, then flashed a very flustered guy.”

He sure did.

My heart shoots to warp speed, my neck so tense it might snap, and everyone looks at Sam like he’s lost his freaking mind. “Own it, Canada,” he whispers.

So I do. I lift my shot, drain the vodka, and slam it down, fire burning the length of my throat. While I sputter and cough, I keep my attention focused on the single drip cascading down my empty glass. Bruno’s hyena laugh nearly shatters the thing. Then Leigh hollers, Callum chuckles, and Brianne giggles, the noise loud enough to wake the hostel.

“Priceless!” Bruno falls over on the bench in hysterics.

“That you are,” Sam says into my ear, his nose then lips finding my neck. I shiver from the contact and glance at our friends. I’m no stranger to laughs at my expense, but the warm smiles and genuine humor on their faces isn’t hurtful. Or mocking. As Bruno’s cackle escalates, I find myself laughing with them. I snort in the process and Leigh points at me, falling face first onto the table. Sam loses it, too, slapping his knee and holding his chest.

So this is chasing your crazy. And catching it.


Siskind_ChasingCrazy_ebookAbout CHASING CRAZY

“With an endearingly awkward female protagonist, a swoon-worthy male love interest, and Siskind’s superb storytelling, this is one of the best New Adult contemporary romances I’ve read to date.” USA Today bestselling author K.A. Tucker

Dear Mom & Dad, I dropped out of school. I’m going backpacking. Sorry. Love you both.

At nineteen, Nina has endured two lifetime’s worth of humiliation. Tired of waiting for it to get better, she decides to get goingacross the globe to New Zealand. There she soon faces what she most fears: a super sexy guy ready to be Nina’s next mistake.

Once Sam’s life was all about having fun. That was before the accident. Now his friends have bailed and his world is broken. But when a gorgeous girl on his flight looks at him with passion instead of pity, Sam feels his old self coming back to life.

Now traveling together, Nina and Sam know this isn’t just a fling. They’re falling fast, hard, and deep. More than anything, Sam wants Nina to forget her fears. But to help her do that he must reveal his own painful secret-and risk Nina never seeing him the same way again.

CHASING CRAZY is available now – add it to your Goodreads list here!

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