The Royal Debate: Was Liam Justified In Leaving Ted To Get Beat Down?

It’s been awhile since The Royals season finale and we’re still in awe of what we learned. As we wait for the next season so we can find out what happened with Robert, how Ophelia will react to her fathers beat down (or death – we don’t know yet – but we think he survives), and everything else in between – we’re talking The Royals every week. Why? Cause we just can’t let go and we’re torn down the middle on so many things that have happened.

So welcome to the Royal Debate – where we’re taking sides on all the drama and craziness that happened on this past season of The Royals. We’re reflecting on what has happened, why it was wrong or right and what we’re hoping for.

This weeks topic – we’re talking all about Ted’s death. We’re discussing both sides of the equation – was Liam justified in leaving him to die by the hands of all the people at the soccer match or was her completely wrong? Let’s break it down.

Taking the first side of the debate – Alyssa talks why Liam was justified.


One of the defining characteristics of Liam is that he’s someone with honor. He has a moral code to uphold. But we’ve also seen that when something happens to someone he loves that he’s pushed to the edge and he begins to skirt on the edge of that line of morality. Case in point, Ted Price, who Liam saw – thanks to that video surveillance Jasper uncovered – murder his father in cold blood. We saw the unbridled rage, the desperation, the grief that overtook Liam as he was crippled with the knowledge that someone that he trusted was the same man who had murdered his father and lied about it to his face every day. Also doesn’t help that this man is the father of the woman that he loves.

It’s hard to justify Liam’s actions in letting Ted get beat (to death we’re assuming) in King’s Stadium, but I guess it comes down to this: An eye for an eye. Ted murdered King Simon so why shouldn’t he pay a similar price? Ted wasn’t an innocent man caught in the crossfires. He was someone who placed himself right in the center of it all. He took responsibility for his actions. So by him taking a life – especially a life like King Simon’s – he was asking for what followed. You also have to understand where Liam is coming from. Sure, he’s someone that abides by his own moral code and the law, but he’s also human and as humans sometimes it’s hard to control ourselves when pushed to the emotional brink. Not only had Liam lost his father – in such a brutal way – but to discover that he was killed by someone who was supposed to protect him, someone who was supposed to be his friend was a punch in the gut. This was personal from the start. So Liam accepted it as such.

And while we’d like to give Alyssa’s side the benefit of the doubt, there are two sides to every story and we’re not sure that what Liam did was okay. Actually, Erin’s pretty positive that it was a crazy thing to do and so she’s taking the other side.

I will be the first to say that I miss King Simon. He was a good man, a good father, and a good King. Sure – he had some screwed up luck, because he was married to Helena (like the Queen of biotches – just saying). I liked Ted. He was that over protective father that just wanted his daughter to be happy. He just wanted her to be loved. He wanted her to know that she was taken care of. We just didn’t realize what he was going through.

Look, I will never say that there is a good reason to kill someone – there isn’t. Ted had a mental break, and though that isn’t an excuse, I will say that Ted deserves a good ass kicking – but Simon also deserves justice. And the last thing that Simon would find to be justice was Ted getting a beat down at the Royal Cup. Ted needs to go to jail – to pay for what he’s done. But I think even Ted didn’t want that, he was hoping to free Ophelia from pain.

I get revenge and I think that Liam is totally justified in wanting that immediately. But I also think that it’s a short term answer, because it’s the last thing that Liam will be able to live with. He’s hurting so many – including himself. He may not realize it, because it’s a short term answer.

But what Liam should have done is turned Ted into the police and let justice take it’s course. He should have honored his father instead of disrespecting him.

Will the Royal Family be able to live with what has happened? You decided. Tell us in the comments.

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