An ‘Awkward’ Star Is Joining the Cast of ‘Dirty Dancing’

Awkward fans – someone you know is coming to Dirty Dancing remake – which may cause you to watch we’re thinking should never be remade. Yup – we’re back to talking about Dirty Dancing.

We will get to the casting in a second – cause we do want to say that we’re loving Sarah Hyland’s makeover for the part. She dyed her beautiful locks black and we’re all about it.

?Hello from the darker side ?

A photo posted by Sarah Hyland (@therealsarahhyland) on

Sarah will be playing Lisa, Baby’s older sister.

Cast to be her shitty ass boyfriend is Shane Harper. You may remember his characters – Robbie – as the waiter who romances Lisa and then cheats on her.

There is no release date for the 3 hour movie – but as much as we’re not for this remake. Patrick Swayze forever.

Congratulations Shane on your casting!

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