Brooklyn comes out on Blu-Ray/DVD tomorrow!

Of all the films we saw last year, Brooklyn was one of our favorites. We love historical dramas, and we love having the chance to learn about the particulars of a time period we might not have given much thought to before.   We also love good acting. Combine that with a great script, written by the incomparable Nick Hornby, and you’ve got us. We’re sold.

The question now is …are you?

If you loved Brooklyn as much as we did, then you’re in luck, because the Academy-Award nominated film will be out on Blu-Ray and DV tomorrow! And if you haven’t seen it, then …why haven’t you? You can remedy that right away, because, as we said before, the movie will be out on Blu-Ray and DVD tomorrow. Get it while you can, and then, come leave us a comment. We always here to talk about good movies!

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