See The Cover for Zoraida Cordova’s ‘Labyrinth Lost’

The cover for Zoraida Cordova’s newest book, Labyrinth Lost, was revealed today on YA Books Central. She wrote a note to the readers talking about her new book –

Dear Readers,

Thank you for stopping by the LABYRINTH LOST cover reveal. This is my seventh traditionally published book, and my fourth YA fantasy. LABYRINTH LOST is a book that has been on my mind for many, many years. I’ve always wanted to tell the story of a matriarch of witches. I especially wanted to tell the story of a girl with extraordinary power, and how that power is linked to family.
Here the cover captures the moment of Alex’s Deathday. For a bruja (witch), the Deathday is synonymous to a human’s Sweet 16 or quinceañera. It is a magical coming of age. In this book, the roots of the ceremony are linked to El Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).
One of my favorite parts of the cover is the title font. It captures the light often referenced in the novel. The look on Alex’s face is a cross between fear and wonder.
I truly can’t wait for you to read this book. It is full of magic, adventure, heartbreak, lies, life and loss, love and hope.
Happy reading.

~Zoraida Córdova (LABYRINTH LOST, Sourcebooks Fire)

We were on the set of the book trailer (that hasn’t come out yet) and we’re excited to see where this book goes. What do you think of the cover?

September 6, 2016. My matriarchy of witches is coming!
Magic. Family. Destiny.

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