An ‘O.C.’ Alum Added To The Cast of ‘Cruel Intentions’

The only great thing about shows ending is that when new shows develop – we have the chance to see our favorite fandoms colliding. We were once addicted to the O.C. – cause Ben McKenzie. You can’t hate on us for that.

But – a different O.C. star has been brought onto one of the pilots that we’re excited for.

Peter Gallagher has been added to the cast of Cruel Intentions, as Bash’s grandfather. Variety reported that he will play Edward Valmont, Sebastian’s father. You may remember that Sebastian passed. We’re looking forward to seeing how he’s going to react once Sebastian’s son returns and he wants to groom Bash to live a life of impossible wealth and opportunity.

Cruel Intentions, the TV show, takes place 15 years after the end of the movie. It centers around Kathryn and her manipulating ways as she tries to gain control of Valmont Enterprises and her nephew Bash. Bash discovers his fathers journal and is introduced into world of sex, money, power and corruption he never could have imagined.

We’re really hoping that this show makes it to series. Are you?

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