‘Shadowhunters’ Roundtable: “This World Inverted”

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  1. alison gunn says:

    – The Alt. Universe was very cliché – and it didn’t help that ‘Flash’ was using the AU arc the same night this episode aired. The idea for this episode was obviously from COHF, where they enter the demon realm, and nearly get stuck in their dreams of what their lives _could_ have been. So what was wrong with using the original story line?? Yes – this one had it’s funny moments, but it lacked the impact the source gave it.

    – While I’m glad to see they’re not going to change Simon’s character to the angsty new vamp he was in the last episodes, I am more interested in seeing what they’re going to do about the daylighter plot line. Since it would seem they have dumped the extra-dose of angel blood plot line for Clary and Jace, are they going to keep Simon dodging sunlight forever?

    – Sometimes I think they brought Lydia in to ‘balance’ what they’ve done to Alec’s character. Lydia seems to have a conscience, but is convinced that the law must be upheld. That was book Alec.
    Show Alec has become the angry-boy cliché – angry at being lied to by his parents; angry at Jace choosing Clary; angry, angry, angry – and frustrated. And omg cliché.

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