‘Jane Steele’ Optioned For Film

I don’t know about you but when a book gets optioned – it moves up on the TBR list. I want to know if I am going to need to invest my time, blood, sweat and tears into a book. I also don’t want to invest too much if the book is not amazing.

Jane Steele by Lindsay Faye is a book that you want to invest your time in. It is so much fun. So we weren’t shocked when Chris Columbus’ 1492 Pictures optioned the book.

The book is inspired by Jane Eyre. It’s set in the Victorian Era and unlike Jane Eyre, Jane Steele is not settling. The reimagining of Jane Eyre is something we would always look forward too. It’s described as, “Jane Steele is an orphan who suffers at the hand of her cruel aunt and then later becomes a governess. But Jane Steele is different than Jane Eyre — when her cousin knocks her down, she kills him.”

No word on who is writing the script, but we will be keeping an eye out. Love this book!

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