2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Our Picks for Round One

Do you feel that? The excitement? That’s right, it’s time for some playoff hockey!

The 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs kick off tonight as 16 teams vie for the most coveted trophy in all of sports: The Stanley Cup, which even at 123 years old looks as amazing as ever.

Tonight, the Red Wings take on the Lightning (7pm NBC Sports Network), the Rangers face off against the Penguins (8pm, USA), and the Blackhawks and Blues battle it out in the Western Conference (9:30pm, NBC Sports Network).

On Thursday, the Flyers take on the Capitals (7pm, NBC Sports Network), the Islanders face the Panthers (8pm, CNBC), the Wild take on the Stars (9:30pm, NBC Sports Network), and the Sharks and Kings do battle (10:30pm, CNBC).

On Friday, quarterfinal action continues as the Predators face off against the Ducks in game one along with game two action from other teams.

Our writers shared their picks for the Stanley Cup Quarterfinals:


(3) Detroit Red Wings vs. (2) Tampa Bay Lightning

ALYSSA: RED WINGS over Lightning in games

LIZZIE: RED WINGS over Lightning in 6 games

BEATA:  RED WINGS over Lightning in 7 games

(4) New York Islanders vs. (1) Florida Panthers

ALYSSA: PANTHERS over Islanders in 6 games

LIZZIE: PANTHERS over Islanders in 6 games

BEATA: PANTHERS over Islanders in 6 games

(3) New York Rangers vs. (2)Pittsburgh Penguins

ALYSSA: PENGUINS over Rangers in 7 games

LIZZIE: PENGUINS over Rangers in 7 games

BEATA: PENGUINS over Rangers in games

(4) Philadelphia Flyers vs. (1) Washington Capitals

ALYSSA: CAPITALS over Flyers in 5 games

LIZZIE: CAPITALS over Flyers in 6 games

BEATA: CAPITALS over Flyers in 6 games


(3) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (2) St. Louis Blues

ALYSSA: BLACKHAWKS over Blues in 7 games

LIZZIE: BLACKHAWKS over Blues in 5 games

BEATA: BLUES over Blackhawks in games

(4) Minnesota Wild vs. (1) Dallas Stars

ALYSSA: STARS over Wild in 5 games

LIZZIE: STARS over Wild in 6 games

BEATA: STARS over Wild in games

(3) San Jose Sharks vs. (2) Los Angeles Kings

ALYSSA: KINGS over Sharks in 6 games

LIZZIE: KINGS over Sharks in 6 games

BEATA: KINGS over Sharks in games

(4) Nashville Predators vs. (1) Anaheim Ducks

ALYSSA: DUCKS over Predators in 6 games

LIZZIE: DUCKS over Predators in 5 games

BEATA: DUCKS over Predators in games

Who are your picks for the first round of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs?

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