‘The 100’ 5 Memorable Moments from ‘Nevermore’

The 100 episode ‘Nevermore’ gave us a chance to explore stories we’ve gotten mere glimpses of. Raven, Monty, and Jasper take on the task of breaking our hearts with their misery. And Possessed Raven stripped everyone of their pride and anger to expose the soft underbelly of their loneliness and pain. Turns out, they’re all on the same boat when it comes to pain defining them and changing them into people they never would’ve imagined.

Let’s take a look at the 5 Memorable Moments from Nevermore!


1. Raven dishing out truth tea

‘Nevermore’ was without a doubt, Lindsey Morgan’s best performance to date. I couldn’t take my eyes off Raven as she screamed, writhed, and demanded that they let her go. Her insane and possessed nature was made sickeningly believable by her ability to dislocate her shoulder, rip open her stitches, and bite at any that came near. The woman didn’t feel any pain! Lindsey was simply brilliant and transported me into the show like no one has ever done before. It didn’t matter who just walked into the room or if someone was calling me. I was too enthralled by everything Raven was going through. Lindsey had me wrapped around her finger.

Raven rehashed everything that everyone had EVER done in her moments of clarity aka being A.L.I.E.’s mouth piece. Despite all of her words being part of an effort to trip them up, she gave everyone a little perspective. All of them have done horrible things in their lives, experienced immeasurable pain, and lost a piece of the people they once were. Against all of these odds they’ve survived. And if they are to face the storm coming for them, they must do it together.

Thank you possessed Raven. Something positive came from all your crazy.

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2. Monty killing his mother

Christopher Larkin knocked it out of the part. I’ve been waiting for The 100 to explore Monty’s emotional depth for seasons and they’ve finally done it! What he had to go through is something no child should have to. Monty killed his mother to save his friend. It was the right decision to make, without a doubt, but he’ll second guess himself for the rest of his life. He’ll always think, “What if I waited? What if I knocked her out instead? What if I didn’t choose to help?”

Killing his mother will forever change the kind of man Monty is. He’s lost everyone in his life and is on a precipice where he can choose to lose himself or bury it all inside. From his reaction to Jasper trying to comfort him, I think it’ll be the latter. He’s seen first hand what lose can do to you and those around you. He will not be like Jasper. He will keep moving forward and deal with his emotions later on. Of course, holding all that emotion in isn’t healthy in the long run. But what else is he to do? He has no parental figure to guide him through this pain. He’s alone.



3. Jasper confronting Clarke

Personally, it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for with Devon Bostick. It’s been months since Maya’s death. All this time Jasper’s had his mind on the one person he deems responsible, Clarke. She did this to him. Since she wasn’t there he never got a chance to confront the pain he was going through. Instead he bottled it up and went numb. Then Clarke appears.

All the anger Jasper’s been directing at himself, and at his friends, suddenly was on Clarke. For most of the episode he throws barbs and glares at her as a testament to his anger, waiting for her to reciprocate with the same ferociousness. He finds out quickly that what he’s been waiting for…isn’t worthwhile. Her apologies change nothing inside of him and lashing out doesn’t bring him the satisfaction he’s been waiting for. It’s a wake up call for Jasper. He can use the pain inside of him to do nothing, or so he can stand next to Monty and work on getting better.

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4. Octavia admitting the truth

Since Lincoln’s death Octavia has been lost in her own mind. Adrift, she’s tried to find where she belongs. The people she loved were not their to help in her grief because they were part of the problem. And the Grounders who have become her family, a sense of identity, still see her as Skaikru. She’s part of nothing.

Saying the words out loud made them real, to her brother, to her friends, and to herself. The only spark of hope doesn’t come from her brother, it comes from Monty. His unexpected sacrifice shook something in her. Maybe she can be part of something different with The 100 that came down with her? Maybe there’s still a chance for her to find a home? Whatever comes next, she’ll stick by Monty to repay him for what he’s done for her. Let’s hope that along the way she finds what she’s been looking for. Belonging.

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5. Bellamy apologising to Niylah

Making amends is the first step in righting what Bellamy did wrong. He tried with his sister and failed. He tried with his friends and failed. And now he’s trying with Niylah. Sure, he entered her home at gunpoint. And sure, he was the one who participated in the massacre of her father. Point is, Bellamy’s not giving up. He made a mistake and he will not fail those around him ever again.

Apologising to Niylah was looking into the eyes of someone he’d wronged because of the pain he was tangled up in. It was admitting that he failed entirely. This apology might be the hardest one he’s had to do yet because Niylah was an innocent. And in acknowledging that, he’s rewriting the memories of the massacre. Once he looked down upon them with so much anger. Now he sees them as innocent as well, not responsible for the mistakes of other Grounders that have hurt him and his loved ones.


Closing Thoughts for Nevermore:

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All of these memorable moments are the beginning of something new for The 100. It’s the birth of change after falling so far. Working together will help heal their wounds and transform them into people worth loving and fighting for. It will make them into a family.

What moments hit you right in the feelz? That you couldn’t get off your mind days later? Tell us in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.


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