‘Imagines’ Author Interview: Marcella Uva

It’s not too much longer until the book Imagines hits shelves and we can’t wait for you all to have your hands on it. It’s a book that keeps us turning the pages and wondering what is going to happen next.

Some of our favorite things have come together in the form of a book. Wattpad and Gallery Books have teamed with International Bestselling Author Anna Todd for Imagines. Imagines is some of the greatest Fan Fic authors from Wattpad writing a unique anthology of “imagines.” Imagine your favorite day with celebrity. What you imagine isn’t half of what these authors imagine – well at least it isn’t half of what I imagined.

We brought you the first interview with Katarina Tonks and today we’re talking to Marcella Uva. She wrote all about Benedict Cumberbatch. Who doesn’t love Cumberbatch.

What was it about Wattpad that made you want to start writing on it?

Headshot1The community! I love interacting with other writers and my readers — we can all learn so much from one another. Since joining the Wattpad community, everyone I’ve met is so open, warm-hearted, and accepting of one another. I immediately felt welcome, accepted, a little nervous about whether I was doing the right thing or not, but always comfortable. Also, I was able to meet writers from all over the world and knew that I could make lasting friendships.

What’s the biggest lesson that you have learned from writing on Wattpad?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from writing on Wattpad is how to write for a larger audience. The readers on Wattpad have managed to pull the blinders off of my own narrow perspective and open my eyes to a wider venue. Knowing that more people will read my work, my thought process behind crafting ideas has become more careful and meticulous.

How do you write – do you outline the book or do you just write off the cuff?

When I first started writing, all of my stories were completely off the cuff. Like many first time writers, I was a hobbyist and needed a creative release, so it was very freeing to just take a pen to paper and write whatever it was that inspired me (at that time, it was pirates).




After nearly ten years of exploring the craft, I found myself asking a lot more questions:

  • What is the character’s dramatic purpose in the story?
  • How does the character relate to the plot, mood, and theme of the story?
  • How should the reader relate to the character?
  • What is their motivation?

A character analysis paired with a detailed plotting of the story arc is the best way to get myself thinking about the big picture and how to address these questions in the narrative. I find that careful planning before the first draft leads to more successful storytelling!

What published authors are your biggest influences?

Jim Butcher is one of my biggest inspirations. I’m a huge fan of the The Dresden Files series to the point where I wish solving supernatural crimes with Harry Dresden was my day job. Where do I sign up for the Chicago PD Special Investigations division?

Not only is Jim is funny and witty, he can write some of the most exciting, action-packed scenes I’ve ever read. But what really keeps me coming back to his work time and time again is his openness and generosity with providing insight on the craft of writing. Over the years, he’s shared countless tips and tricks that have had a tremendous impact on my writing process.

What is the biggest misconception about authors on Wattpad? What do you want people to know?

There is a general impression among many readers that all Wattpad writers are young and inexperienced. That’s clearly not true — I’m almost thirty (cue the violins) and even with my recent success, I still feel that I have much more growing to do.



Wattpad is a venue where writers at all skill levels can test their capabilities, understand how to build a fanbase, share their ideas, and learn how to write over time with support from both readers and writers.

What was it like – finding out that you were getting published?

Absolutely surreal! I remember popping open a bottle of wine with my husband and repeating, “Is this real life?”

Tell us about Imagines. What can we expect?

Imagines is an incredibly exciting project because it’s a first-of-its-kind anthology of imagined celebrity encounters starring the reader. Overall, the book contains 34 stories written by 33 Wattpad writers – including me! Since this new form of storytelling has taken the Internet by storm in the past few years, Wattpad and Gallery Books have decided to take the trend offline with a published book – the first of its kind, ever. I love this writing style because it commands your readers’ attention while involving them intimately and immediately in the story.

With this in mind, I think we can expect a good amount of shenanigans, a lot of laughs, excitement, and surprises with the authors involved!

What made you want to be part of the Imagines book?

I wanted to be part of the Imagines book because it brings the entire fan fiction genre to the forefront. Without fan fiction, I wouldn’t be the writer I am today, so being a part of this anthology is very special to me on so many levels.

What’s the hardest thing about writing fan fiction? Do you feel a pressure to live up to the expectations of the fandom?

Initially, I think the pressure to live up to expectations is always worrisome, especially to new writers entering a fandom. However, I actually believe the hardest thing about writing fan fiction is finding an audience. It’s very easy for a story to get lost amongst all of the fan fictions out there. What I love about Wattpad is that they are constantly innovating how stories are found, creating rich communities around both genres and fandoms to give writers more opportunity.

Tell us what you can about your story in Imagines. What is the one piece of advice that you would give your fellow Wattpad writers?

I’m happy to say that my story for the Imagines anthology is about a seemingly dreary evening turning enchanted as you find yourself trapped in an Escape Room with Benedict Cumberbatch.



All my life, curiosity has driven me to observe, imagine, and create. So, the one piece of advice I would like to pass on to my fellow Wattpadders is to always remain curious! Don’t be afraid to travel beyond the edges of the map and get lost in order to find your voice.

Give us one author on Wattpad that everyone should be reading.

My dear friend ShahbanouSheherazade is an amazing author, a passionate reader, a very smart and beautiful person. Her King’s Messenger series for the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom is a must read on Wattpad!

You can find her wonderful work here: https://www.wattpad.com/user/ShahbanouSheherazade




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