‘Imagines’ Author Interview: Kevin Fanning

We’re kind of obsessed with K-Fan on Wattpad. Whatever you think of Kim Kardashian – Kevin truly is a fan of hers. But the reason we love his fan fiction about her – well, because he takes us to a place that we didn’t know we could go. We have a new love for the Kardashians as a whole.

Kevin is just one of some of our favorite things have come together in the form of a book. Wattpad and Gallery Books have teamed with International Bestselling Author Anna Todd for Imagines. Imagines is some of the greatest Fan Fic authors from Wattpad writing a unique anthology of “imagines.” Imagine your favorite day with celebrity. What you imagine isn’t half of what these authors imagine – well at least it isn’t half of what I imagined.

We talked with Kevin about Imagines. Read the interview below!

What was it about Wattpad that made you want to start writing on it?

It was actually Wattpad’s idea! I had been writing fanfic & RPF for years in other places online, and making zines and things like that. Someone from Wattpad saw my writing out in the wild and reached out to tell me they thought my style would be a good fit for Wattpad. So I just started posting stuff to try it out and was immediately overwhelmed by how awesome the community there is.

What’s the biggest lesson that you have learned from writing on Wattpad?

That there’s an audience for my writing! That even though my writing doesn’t fit into any obvious pre-defined genres, that doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad or not worth reading. That as a writer you have nothing to lose by writing the thing you most want to read.

How do you write – do you outline the book or do you just write off the cuff?

I try to outline and at least map out the major plot points and beats before I start, but it’s admittedly a skill I’m still developing. So I write and post chapters as I go and it’s terrifying and thrilling.

What published authors are your biggest influences?

Octavia Butler, Lynda Barry, Ursula K. LeGuin, Diana Wynne Jones, Carla Speed McNeil.

What is the biggest misconception about authors on Wattpad?

I think the biggest misconception about Wattpad is that it’s all fanfic. There are so many different genres and styles of writing on Wattpad, from horror to romance, and fanfic is just one slice of what you can find there.

What was it like – finding out that you were getting published?

I’m still not even sure I believe it’s real. I don’t even know what will happen the first time I walk into a bookstore and see my name on the cover. It’s hard to even wrap my head around it.

Tell us about Imagines. What can we expect?

A really diverse collection of fan-powered writing about all different kinds of celebrities. The stories in this collection all come from a place of sincere admiration and devotion, so I hope people get a sense of the cool, creative, insane things that happen every single day in so many fandoms.


What’s the hardest thing about writing fan fiction? Do you feel a pressure to live up to the expectations of the fandom?

I don’t feel pressure about it, because fandom isn’t about accurately representing one viewpoint. What I love about fandom is that it’s about so many viewpoints and interesting ideas coming together, all that passion and creativity coming from diverse sources to create something totally new and meaningful in its own way.

The hardest thing about writing fanfic is keeping up with the demand, honestly. The readers are always so hungry for more, it’s so stressful when you’re trying to perfect your chapter and it’s been a few days since your last update.

Tell us what you can about your story in Imagines.

My story is about Kim Kardashian – it takes place in a slightly dystopian near future where selfies are illegal. Kim refuses to to bow to the patriarchal forces in the government and lives as a kind of freedom-fighter, posting selfies on the run. My hope is that people find it funny and entertaining, but also see that self-representation is a very important and powerful tool, especially for young women. I am a huge, sincere fan of Kim Kardashian and admirer of everything she does, and I hope that comes through in my story.

What is the one piece of advice that you would give your fellow Wattpad writers?

Take time to appreciate your readers. They will keep you motivated when you most need it.

Give us one author on Wattpad that everyone should be reading.

Fallon DeMornay – She writes mind-blowingly good romance that’s original and fun and engaging and super hot. She is definitely an author to pay very close attention to .


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