‘The 100’ 3×12 Preview Guide: Demons

Our favorite group of delinquents are finally back together!

As usual, things don’t go as planned in The 100 episode ‘Demons.’ What starts off as a simple retrieval mission, spirals out of control when they realise that someone’s hiding in the walls of deserted Arkadia. Will all of them make it out alive? Or will Sinclair and that one blonde girl, that’s survived forever in the background, finally die? (Her names Harper and we hope she survives!)

Official Synopsis: Jaha (Isaiah Washington) returns to Polis, and Murphy (Richard Harmon) has a surprise encounter. Meanwhile, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) uncovers a clue. Bob Morley, Devon Bostick, Lindsey Morgan and Christopher Larkin also star.


What We Know:

  • Murphy and Jaha are on the road to being reunited. Let’s see how things go when Jaha isn’t the one in a power position.
  • The 100 delinquents return to Arkadia and find it deserted. It’s been two days since the Jasper escape with Raven & Clarke.
  • Everyone looks remarkably clean.
  • Octavia has a new wardrobe.
  • They’re on the hunt for a book/map in Arkadia.

Top Worries:

  • First couple steps into Arkadia and Octavia sees the spot Lincoln died in. The anger is still brewing there.
  • How is Monty doing after his mother’s death?
  • In two days, who decided to make deserted Arkadia their home?
  • Where did all the Arkadians go? There’s a small army moving out there.
  • Now that we know A.L.I.E. has her drones on the ready, will she use them to conquer her enemies?
  • When will the City of Light Arkadians come back for Raven?


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The 100 airs Thursdays @ 9/8c on The CW.

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