Interview with ‘Wannabe’ Star David Bloom

Wannabe is based on the deeply personal experiences of writer/director Matthew Manson. Set in 1990’s New York City, it explores the life of Daniel (David Bloom) during a time of racial and political strife. Daniel, an anxious Jewish boy, develops a crush on his Caribbean classmate, Emefa. He takes a chance on her and discovers a hidden strength inside that changes his life.

We got to talk with the Wannabe star David Bloom, where he discussed Daniel’s journey and how he overcomes his own neuroticism to impress Emefa. Check out the full interview below!

 Can you tell us a little bit about your role as Daniel in Wannabe?

He is a Jewish teenager raised on the upper west side of NYC in the early 90’s He meets a Jamaican girl and is infatuated.

How is this role different from the shy kid you played in Wet Hot American Summer?

Daniel is also shy. However, he tends to take more chances to get what he wants. He finds the inner strength to be more assertive.

Without giving too much away, can you tell us what are Daniel’s strengths and weaknesses?

He is able to speak his mind. But, can put his foot in his mouth at times. He is very proud of being Jewish and won’t let people put down his heritage.

How does the title ‘Wannabe’ apply to Daniel?

Daniel wants to fit into a culture he know nothing about.

The movie is based on writer/director Matthew Manson’s experiences growing up in New York. What did you do to get yourself in the mindset of a time rife with racial and political conflict?

I watched some films and television shows from the time period and did some serious googling about relationships between different ethnic groups.

What is it about this movie that drew you in?

I like the character because he is willing to take chances. I like the message that people should come together and not find reasons to be separate.

What do you want people to walk away with after seeing Wannabe?

Skin color, ethnic backgrounds and preconceptions should be put aside. Let’s all be human.


Wannabe is premiering this April at the Tribeca Film Festival. For more information make sure to check their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

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