‘Once Upon A Time’ 5×19 Preview “Sisters”

It seems like we can never quite get rid of Cora. Or of Zelena, for that matter. Both are featured heavily in tomorrow’s episode, alongside Regina, if the episode title “Sisters” is to be believed. And, honestly, as much as I want my favorites to get out of the Underworld once and for all, this really does feel like a long time coming, doesn’t it?

Here’s all the official information we have about tomorrow’s episode, titled “Sisters”



Sunday, April 24, 8pm, ABC



*Hades endgame regarding Zelena is revealed, and it leaves us wondering: Is love real?

*Regina/Cora/Zelena come together, in the most awkward family reunion ever!

*David and James finally meet, and one of them has anger management issues. You can probably guess who.




Now that Hades and Zelena are reunited, Hades tells Zelena that he wants a future with her outside of the Underworld. All she needs to do is heal his heart with True Love’s Kiss so they can leave the Underworld and trap the heroes there for eternity. When Regina overhears of this plan, she enlists Cora’s help to find a way to separate Zelena from Hades. However, Cora reveals a family secret that could change Regina and Zelena’s lives forever. Meanwhile, David finally meets James, only to realize that his twin is determined to seek revenge on him for stealing the life he could have had.


Enjoy “Sisters” Oncers, and join us later as we live-tweet the episode on @Fangirlishness

Once Upon a Time airs on Sundays at 8/7C on ABC.

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