‘Imagines’ Author Interviews: Doeneseya

It’s almost time for Imagines and todays interview is with Doeneseya. She is a popular Fan Fiction writer who writes about Justin Beiber.

Wattpad and Gallery Books have teamed with International Bestselling Author Anna Todd for Imagines. Imagines is some of the greatest Fan Fic authors from Wattpad writing a unique anthology of “imagines.” Imagine your favorite day with celebrity. What you imagine isn’t half of what these authors imagine – well at least it isn’t half of what I imagined.

What was it about Wattpad that made you want to start writing on it?

Before Wattpad, I was writing my stories Twitlonger. One of my readers suggested writing my stories on a proper writing platform and introduced me to Wattpad. I made my account that same day.

What’s the biggest lesson that you have learned from writing on Wattpad?

Don’t be afraid of your imagination. Your imagination knows no bounds, so why should your writing? Let it run wild and you’ll get the best out of your writing.

How do you write – do you outline the book or do you just write off the cuff?

I attempt to write an outline, but that never works for me. I know a couple major events I want to happen, but usually I take it chapter by chapter.

What conventionally published authors are your biggest influences?

This may be odd to say, but I don’t do too much reading. To be honest, I’m not a fan of reading. I LOVE TO WRITE. I guess I’m weird like that.

What is the biggest misconception about authors on Wattpad? What do you want people to know?

People feel that Wattpad authors aren’t “real” authors. We put in the same amount of work and dedication as any other author. We take our craft seriously and our passion shouldn’t be belittled.

What was it like – finding out that you were getting published?

It was surreal. I shed some tears! I couldn’t believe my story would be available in stores. I was so grateful and humbled by the opportunity. Truly a dream come true.

Tell us about Imagines. What can we expect?

Imagines is a collection of short fan fictions written by 30 of Wattpad’s most-loved, about our favorite celebrites. With so much diversity, whoever opens this book will find something that peaks their interest. The best part of Imagines is that it’s written in second person. Readers will feel apart of the book!

What made you want to be part of the Imagines book?

Imagines is first of its kind. I wanted to be apart of that history. People think fan fiction writers aren’t real writers, because our stories feature celebrities. They feel we’re not real writers because our stories aren’t published and in stores. This book is proof that we can make it. I’m proud and happy for everyone involved. Plus, if anyone was going to write an imagine about Justin Bieber, I wanted it to be me. 😉

What’s the hardest thing about writing fan fiction? Do you feel a pressure to live up to the expectations of the fandom?

Fandoms are extremely protective over their faves. Sometimes, you have to reminded them this is a fan fiction and not real life. Readers may forget that the celeb is also your fave and you don’t want to do anything to portray them negatively.

Tell us what you can about your story in Imagines. What is the one piece of advice that you would give your fellow Wattpad writers?

My story is about Justin Bieber. In my story (Let The Heart Lead The Way), he plays your husband and for your two-year anniversary, he’s sending you on a scavenger hunt; retelling the story of your love. My one bit of advice would be to let your imagination run wild. Your imagination knows no bounds, so why should your writing? Have fun with it!

Give us one author on Wattpad that everyone should be reading.

You should be reading Doeneseya’s work!


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