‘The Walking Dead’ The Kingdom of Ezekiel is Coming

Hellatus for The Walking Dead has started ladies and gentleman! Until October comes around we’ll be surviving on rumors and speculation on Season 7. First up, Ezekiel might be coming.

TVLine has learned that AMC is casting Augustus, an African-American male in his 40’s who is flamboyant, wise, nice, and weird. This recurring role is being seen by many as a ruse to throw fans off. If you’ve read the comics, the description matches Ezekiel, the leader of The Kingdom. Commonly known as “The King,” Ezekiel is the leader of a neighbouring community to Alexandria and Hilltop. He’s known for having an awesome tiger named Shiva and a strong hate for the Savior leader, Negan.

If we take into account how Season 6 ended, introducing Ezekiel would be the next logical step. Jesus is a good friend with Ezekiel in the comic book. He takes Rick & Co. to The Kingdom and they form an alliance to destroy Negan and the Saviors. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? Along the way he has a romance with Michonne, sorry Richonne shippers, and interacts with others in Alexandria.

Ezekiel is an important part of the expanding world of The Walking Dead. And at the rate that everything is changing, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Whisperers and Alpha come next. Wait until you get a load of her.

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