‘Once Upon A Time’ 5×21 Preview “Last Rites”

If the promos are to be believed, this has all the markings of a heartbreaking episode. And hey, it’s May sweeps. It’s on par for the course.

True love aside, Hook stayed in the Underworld and Emma is back in Storybrooke. True love aside, Hades still looks like a villain to us. What happens next? We’re about to find out.

Here’s all the official information we have about tonight’s episode, titled “Last Rites”


  • Our heroes might have Hades figured out, but Zelena still trusts him. What will it take for Zelena to see the truth of the man she loves?
  • Hook is still trapped in the Underworld, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to listen to Emma and just move on.
  • Direct confrontation seems like the wrong approach, and yet, that’s what Regina and Robin are going for. Will they suffer the consequences?




Emma, David, Regina, Robin and Henry are finally back home in Storybrooke and reunited with Snow, but, unfortunately, they still have to contend with Hades, who continues to deceive Zelena as he lays out his plan to use the all-powerful Olympian Crystal to take over the town. The heroes desperately search for a way to defeat Hades while Hook does the same in the Underworld, looking for those missing storybook pages. Regina and Robin take a more direct approach, which culminates in an epic showdown that will leave our heroes forever changed.


Enjoy “Last Rites” Oncers, and join us later as we live-tweet the episode on @Fangirlishness

Once Upon a Time airs on Sundays at 8/7C on ABC.

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