30 Times Emilia Clarke’s Instagram Proved That Celebrities Are Just Like Us

We can’t wait to see Emilia Clarke in Me Before You. For now we’re tuned in every Sunday night to see her in Game of Thrones.

This week we tore apart her Instagram to prove that Emilia Clarke is just like us.

1 – That time that a cute dog took the attention over a hot guy.

2 – That time she appreciated a good purse.

3 – That time she took care of her skin – no matter what it made her look like.

4 – That time she went for a good swim.

5 – That time she appreciated a great sweatshirt.

6 – That time that she took a bad picture with a celebrity that turned out perfect.

7 – That time she was shocked over something that happened in her life.

8 – That time she got her vogue on.

9 – That time she appreciated the power of a good laugh

10 – That time that she appreciated a good cake.

11 – That time she didn’t want to look like a tourist.

12 – That time a menu made her laugh.

13 – That time her friends were more like sisters.

14 – That time she posted someones address online.

15 – That time she tried to cook and failed.

16 – That time the jacket swallowed her hole.

17 – That time she came up with some New Years resolutions.


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18 – That time she showed off having the hottest ticket in town.

19 – That time she was mesmerized by good food.

20 – That time she wore yellow like a champ.

21 – That time that the hashtags said everything.

22 – That time she accidentally dyed a part of her body.

23 – That time she appreciated a good book.

24 – That time she went crazy with the snap chat filter.

25 – That time she appreciated the force.

26 – That time she appreciated a good look.

27 – That time when she got excited over her accomplishments.

28 – That time she felt like Cinderella.

29 – That time she appreciated the beauty that is Ryan Gosling.

30 – That time she showed off her famous author friend.


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