Stephen Amell Teases 'Super-Powerless' Arrow Season 5 Villain

When it comes Arrow, the show has always been at its best when its grounded in the gritty reality that encompassed the first two seasons. That’s something that the show has struggled to maintain as it’s been used as a launching pad for other superheroes and spinoffs, which include bringing elements that you wouldn’t typically associate with Arrow to the show.
But it sounds like season five will find Arrow returning to its grounded roots.
Stephen Amell chatted with Variety at The CW Upfronts on Thursday, where he teased season five’s villain, which sounds like it’s been a long time in the making.
“I’ve heard that our big bad, our villain, is something that you can really only do once you’re in the fifth, sixth or seventh season of a TV show,” Amell told Variety.
Of course Amell remained mum on the details on who the big bad will be — that’s usually saved for San Diego Comic Con in July — but he did offer a tease about what we can expect.
“As far as I know, they don’t have superpowers,” Amell said. “I’ll tell you that.”
Arrow has always been the “super-powerless superhero show,” as Amell referenced, as it was a superhero show that was more about the gritty reality that audiences can relate to. But given this season with a mystical big bad, Arrow has trailed away from made the show unique. Not that Damien Darhk isn’t a fantastic villain — because he is — but the whole magic element of the show has felt very unArrowlike.
It’s a relief to hear that the big bad of season five won’t have superpowers because the big bad sets the tone for the season. Darhk brought with him a mysticism that has transpired over the course of this season. The promise of a super-powerless big bad next season hints that perhaps we’ll get back to the Arrow we knew.
What are your thoughts on Arrow potentially returning to its grounded roots in season five?

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